Review: Anthology – Apple Bites: A Romance Anthology

26191462Author: By Julie Lynn Hayes, Avery Dawes, JC Wallace, Carol Pedroso, Nephy Hart, Elizabeth M. VaLey, Cynthia Dawn Griffith and Renee Rose. Foreward by Lisa Kessler

Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/M and M/F Anthology

Back to school takes on new meaning in this collection of eight mini-stories which run the gamut from sweet to spicy! No children in these tales, they’re for adults only! And each one features an apple in some way.

In this mixed bag of apple bites, you’ll find seasoned … Continue reading

Julie Lynn Hayes – When Will I Be Loved Tour and Contest


We ask:  Which you rather be – vamp or were? 

Although I love to write about both vamps and weres, I have to admit I love the vamps the most, and have since I discovered Bram Stoker’s Dracula, about the age of twelve. At that time, werewolves were hairy and not particularly attractive men, more animal than anything. But vampires were often suave and sophisticated and elegant. I’d rather drink blood, I think, than howl at the … Continue reading

Giveaway: Julie Lynn Hayes – When Will I Be Loved

WhenWillIBeLovedBlurb:    Fairy tales can come true…

Miller Fenwick wants the kind of happy ending his best friend got, with the hunky werewolf of his dreams. Trouble is, there doesn’t seem to be a Prince Charming on the horizon, and casual encounters don’t cut it anymore. Now that Alexx and Raoul are engaged, Miller is becoming resigned to being the bridesmaid, never the bride. But a chance encounter with a sexy stranger at Charisma has his hopes soaring, and his heart is wide open to possibilities.

Holt Wynne is … Continue reading

Review: Julie Lynn Hayes – His Prince Wore Pink Stilettos

LLLL Individual HPWPS miniAuthor: Julie Lynn Hayes
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing
Genre: MM Paranormal

Summary: Wanted: one prince, ball optional…

Review: This story is all about a young man discovering his sexuality (only to realize it’s different than everyone around him) and the wonders of young love – that first crush, that first kiss, and that first awkward foray into achieving sexual satisfaction with another person. It truly felt almost like a fairytale in the making… almost. Substitute a pair of pink stilettos for … Continue reading

M.A. Church, Julie Lynn Hayes – Be My Alien


Author: M.A. Church, Julie Lynn Hayes
Reviewed by: 
Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M
Sci Fi
ISBN 13:   9781623805210

Summary:  A man too busy for love…

Reed owns an upscale men’s boutique with a naughty back room. While making a late delivery to a client, he runs into Taz.
A man on a disastrous date…
When Taz agreed to come to Earth on a date, he didn’t expect to be dumped and left with no way home. Then he … Continue reading

Julie Lynn Hayes – Dallas in Wonderland


Author: Julie Lynn Hayes
Reviewed by: SheReadsAlot
Publisher: Extasy
Genre: M/M Fantasy
ISBN 13: N/A


After finding his lover in the arms of another man, Dallas Crosby moves off campus to a Victorian-style apartment building to begin a new life. A chance encounter with the mysterious and sexy Dr. Samuel Levi has Dallas in a tailspin. But the man comes and goes unexpectedly and Dallas doesn’t know what to make of him. Just when he thinks he’s getting somewhere with the unusual man, he … Continue reading

Anthology – Wicked Watchers Looking at the Lads

Author: Nephylim, Sara York, LM Brown, Lily Sawyer, Victoria Blisse, Julie Hayes, AJ Jarrett
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: House of Erotica
Genre: M/M Anthology


This anthology is a collection of seven stories, all centering around the concept of voyeurism in one way or another.  They are all very short, but with some interesting concepts in a couple that I wish would be explored more in a longer story.   The watching is done both with and without the knowledge of those being watched.

All … Continue reading

Julie Lynn Hayes – Forbidden 1, 2, 3 (Sanctum, Secret Blessings, Unexpected Storm)

Author: Julie Lynn Hayes
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Romance First Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781452498836


I am reviewing all three of the Forbidden books in one review because they appear to be a serial, each one being a chapter of the story.  They do NOT appear to be stand alone, and I went back and forth on what to rate them because as it stands with #3, Unexpected Storm, the story is unfinished, ending on a huge cliffhanger but the story to this point … Continue reading

Julie Lynn Hayes – The Prince Wore Pink Stilettos

Author: Julie Lynn Hayes
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781615814442


This is one of those stories that, while it is short, is the perfect length. It is sweet, funny and most of all, it’s romantic. Michael’s daughter, Amber, is digging around in the attic and comes down with, yep, the pink stiletto. The sight of it sends Michael down memory lane, to his first love, who was his first kiss, who he gave his virginity too, on a prom night … Continue reading

Julie Lynn Hayes – Lawn Boy

Author: Julie Lynn Hayes
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Romance First Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 2940011893780

This is a very short, very straightforward story of a man, very newly divorced, who is sort of drifting.  He has the house he had shared with his wife (who ran off with someone else) but he really doesn’t know how to do anything.  He mentions he can find the kitchen, but can’t cook.  He has zero cleaning skills and has no idea what do with the … Continue reading