Heather Graham – The Unseen

Author: Heather Graham
Reviewed by: Nikki
Publisher: Mira
MF Paranormal
ISBN 13:
[mf rating=3/5]

So here’s the deal –

This story revolves around a local legend in San Antonio Texas. 1800s at the Longhorn Saloon, which is located a stones throw from the Alamo, room 207 was the place of a murder. A beautiful young woman is killed for a diamond that her lover won in a card game, but the gem was never found by the murderer.

Present Day. Kelsey … Continue reading

Heather Graham – Phantom Evil

: Heather Graham
Reviewed by:
Mira Books
M/F Parnormal
ISBN 13:
[mf rating=3/5]

After losing two teammates to a serial killer on a recent mission, Jackson Crow is reluctant to lead a new team, but when a renowned paranormal investigator asks him to lead his own psychic team, Jackson can’t help but be intrigued.  A senator’s wife has fallen to her death and certain people believe her death was caused by the ghosts purported to haunt the mansion in … Continue reading