ARC Review: V.L. Locey – Early to Rise

Author: V.L. Locey
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: MM Contemporary, Humor

Summary: There are few things worse than being left at the altar by the man you thought loved you. Just ask Simon Wilder. He knows all about it. He also knows a thing or two about getting fired. It`s been a rotten week for Simon and making major life decisions during such turmoil may not be the wisest thing Simon has ever done. Or is it?

Packing up his clothes, his collection … Continue reading

Gina A. Roger & Kyle Adams – A Gay Romance (A Gay Series #1)

gayAuthor: Gina A. Roger & Kyle Adams
Reviewed by: Mandy
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: M/M Parody
ISBN 13: 9781608209309

Where can a sexy alpha cop and the hottest man on the planet solve a murder, save a fabulous plant, fall in love and discover an endless supply of lube? Homosapia, of course, where absolutely anything gay is possible.

All American Ram Rage is a dedicated officer of the law. He hates crooked cops, communicates in growls and loves his applesauce. But when the town heartthrob … Continue reading

Marshall Thornton – The Ghost Slept Over


Author: Marshall Thornton
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Self published
Genre: M/M Paranormal, Humor
ISBN 13:   9781494237394

Summary:  When failed actor Cal Parsons travels to rural New York to claim the estate of his famous and estranged ex-partner he discovers something he wasn’t expecting…the ghost of his ex! And, worse, his ex invites Cal to join him for all eternity. Now. As Cal attempts to rid himself of the ghost by any means he begins to fall for the attractive attorney representing the estate. Will Cal be … Continue reading

JL Merrow – It’s All Geek To Me

geekAuthor: JL Merrow
Reviewed by: Mandy
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781626491144

Summary:  Jez is on a mission of mercy: to replace a tragically deceased comic book for his injured best mate, Tel. Venturing into the Hidden Asteroid bookstore in London—the temple of geekdom itself—Jez is bowled over by the guy behind the counter.

Rhys is the poster boy for hot geeks: tall, gorgeous, and totally cool. Jez is desperate to impress him, so he bluffs his way through comic book jargon . . . … Continue reading

Review: J.L. Merrow – Relief Valve (The Plumber’s Mate #2)


Author: J.L. Merrow
Reviewed by: Mandy
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781619220591

Summary   “If you dig up the past, be prepared to get dirty. ”

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing since plumber Tom Paretski and P.I. Phil Morrison became connected at the heart, if not always at Tom’s dodgy hip. Neither of their families has been shy about voicing their disapproval, which hasn’t helped Tom’s uneasy relationship with his prickly older sister, Cherry.

But when Cherry is poisoned at her own … Continue reading

Kyle Adams – Prize Package


Author: Kyle Adams
Reviewed by: JustJen
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781623808426

Summary: When Jason Smith wins a contest he doesn’t remember entering, he earns a visit with The MeatGrinder, aka Trent Peterson. Trent expected a rabid fan; instead, he gets Jason, who knows nothing about wrestling, doesn’t care about the prizes, and would prefer to skip the official wrestling demo, please. Trent should be annoyed, but by the end of the day, Trent knows he wants more than one day with Jason. … Continue reading

John Inman – Loving Hector


Author: John Inman
Reviewed by: Aggie
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M Romance
ISBN 13: N/A


Dillard Brown has a mother who’s determined he’s straight, a writing career that’s going nowhere, and at thirty, he’s never been in love in his life. But thanks to a ten-pound ball of fluff and energy named Chester, one of Dill’s circumstances is about to change. Maybe even all three.

Who would’ve thought one little stray dog could change Dill’s world—and not by accident either. The damn dog has … Continue reading

John Inman – A Poodle Apocalypse


Author: John Inman
Reviewed by: 
M/M Apocalypse
ISBN 13: 9781623803742


With the world suddenly teeming with zombies, Charlie and Bobby are fighting to stay alive. Being about as gay as two people can be, they insist on doing it with panache.

Even with the planet throwing up its legs in submission, there is no reason a couple of style-conscious guys can’t look good while saying good-bye to the age of man and ushering in the age of… God knows what. Amoebas, … Continue reading