Audio Review: Isabella Carter – Dragon Slayer

dragon slayerAuthor: Isabella Carter
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Less Than Three Press LLC
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN: 9781620042045

Narrator: Paul Morey

Ingram is a coward and weakling—at least according to his father, the king, and the royal court. He cannot use a sword, he faints at the sight of blood, and even his brilliant abilities as a strategist are not enough to overcome his failings. When his father loses a bet to the notorious Lord Mallory over the matter of a dragon slaying, he pays his … Continue reading

Isabella Carter – The Luxury Of Vengeance

Author: Isabella Carter
Reviewed by: Aggie
Publisher: Less Than Three
Genre: M/M
ISBN 13:   NA

Prince Chien is a young man simmering with bottled anger. Thirteen years ago his mother and sister were slaughtered by his aunt, the reigning Empress Mai, and ever since he has been playing the stupid, naive prince, watching, plotting, and bidding his time, until he can take his revenge and claim the Throne Of A Thousand Swords for himself, as the rightful ruler.  He not only wants to avenge … Continue reading

Isabella Carter – The Wrong Note

: Isabella Carter
Reviewed by:
Less Than Three Press
M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:

This is part of the Kiss Me Quick bundle from Less Than Three.  It is a very short story of Rue, who owns a “trinket” (travel items) shop and his new neighbor, Jocelyn.  Rue’s former shop neighbor was a little old lady who owned a Christian bookstore.  Jocelyn’s new shop is a music store, and that music is blared at high decibel level all day … Continue reading