Review: K.C. Wells – Silk

Author: K.C. Wells
Reviewer: Natalie
Publisher: Island Tales Press
Genre: MM

Summary: Matt Dorning likes his life just the way it is. Escorting provides him with enough money to live in his favorite city, New York, and he’s been doing it long enough that he knows the rules: don’t give it away when there’s always someone who’ll pay for it; always leave them wanting more; and never, never lose your heart to a client.

Lucas Sawyer is … Continue reading

K.C. Wells – September’s Tide (Island Tales #2)


Author: K.C. Wells
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Island Tales Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:

Summary:  David Hannon hasn’t written a word of his latest detective thriller since he threw out his lover Clark five months ago after he caught Clark cheating on him. So when his agent informs him that he’s about to leave New York to take a little trip to an island off the south coast of England, David is torn. It could be just what he needs—or the vacation … Continue reading