Giveaway – K-Lee Klein – Lost In Loveland

lostI’m a sucker for sappy romance and I love a slow burn relationship. The two go very nicely hand-in-hand, and whether separate or together, they’re both things I love to write.

When I began Lucky in Loveland, it was meant as a short and sweet stand-alone romance for Valentine’s Day. I had no intention of writing a sequel and no interest in starting another series. BUT…that’s exactly what happened.

Lucky and Jack’s romantic start was slow and sappy (but even as I … Continue reading

Review: K-Lee Klein – Lost in Loveland (Welcome to Loveland #2)

lostAuthor: K-Lee Klein
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: K-Lee Klein Books
Genre: MM Contemporary

Summary: Loveland, Colorado is a special place, a community of creativity and art, with scenic views and majestic mountains. The city brought Lucky and Jack together, but staying that way will take more than cold-air kisses and sweet valentines.~

Jack Canon should be over-the-top happy. He has a job that makes him proud, students who make him laugh, a studio that brings out his creativity, and a … Continue reading