Interview with giveaway – Erin E. Keller – What You Are

what you are

What made you decide to be a writer?
I started writing fanfictions many years ago, slash fanfictions, and soon I realized that there was a whole world of MM authors and books out there. I became an avid reader of the genre, and then I tried to write something original. I loved the idea of creating something mine, with original characters, setting, story, relationships.
And when I found out that a newborn publisher in my country started to publish M/M books, I tried … Continue reading

Review: Erin E Keller – What You Are

what you areAuthor: Erin E Keller
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: MM Contemporary

Summary: Alex walks down the road of his life, apparently without any detours. He has a job, friends, a nice apartment and a girlfriend who meets his needs. A smooth life lived on a smooth road.

But when Daniel shows up at his door, Alex meets the first bump in the road — which turns out to be more like a boulder — in his way.

Daniel is a gorgeous, warm, affectionate … Continue reading