Review: Iced – Jon Keys

51shgv9httlAuthor: Jon Keys
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary holiday


Keith Walker, a mall bookstore employee, is struggling to get through another miserable holiday season while trying to preserve a crumbling long-term relationship. One of his few comforts is his morning coffee made by a good-looking, younger barista. Austin Novak felt an attraction when Keith started frequenting the coffee shop, but he doesn’t think the older man has any interest in him or his graphic novel collection.

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Review: Toni Griffin, Jon Keys and Gregory L. Norris – Behind the Uniform

512l6lxKjtL_uniformAuthor: Toni Griffin, Jon Keys and Gregory L. Norris
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books
Genre: MM Uniformed Personnel

Summary: **Please Note: The stories in this anthology will *not* be released individually.

Uniformed careers are a matter of choice and of sacrifice – military, fire, police, forest service, etc. – and the people who choose these careers are often dedicated to a fault. But sometimes dedication can come with a hefty price. Behind the Uniform illustrates the physical or … Continue reading

Review: Jon Keyes – Spurred On (Beyond Fairy Tales #2)

spurredAuthor: Jon Keyes
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: MM Fairy Tale

Summary: His wicked stepfather is trying to drive Kegan off his family’s ranch…
He promised his dying father to always be there to protect his mother. But when she leaves on a cattle buying trip, his stepbrothers join in to bully and overwork him. Can he hang on until her return? And even if he does, how can he tell her that her new husband … Continue reading

Jon Keys – Spurred On Tour and Contest



Kegan’s new stepfather and stepbrothers are out to make his life miserable. Between the bullying and being overworked, he’s nearly at his wit’s end. When his mother leaves on an annual cattle buying trip for the ranch, he’s determined to suffer through. He must, if he expects to protect her like he promised his dying father.

When the family of a young man he’s been infatuated with holds a rodeo, Kegan can’t see a way he … Continue reading