Review: Morticia Knight – Building Bonds

buildingAuthor: Morticia Knight
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: M/M BDSM
ISBN: 9781784306731
[xrr rating=5/5]

Kyle’s a natural sub who builds dungeon furniture, yet has no interest in BDSM. It takes a hunky Dom to show him just what he’s been missing.

After Kyle’s partner of five years leaves him for another man on the night of their housewarming party, the shy, early-thirties carpenter needs to do a major reassessment of his life in addition to … Continue reading

Morticia Knight – Building Bonds: Guest post, excerpt and contest


Fun With Safewords 

Most people are familiar with the BDSM term ‘safeword’. When the sub declares his safe word, everything stops. The reason behind it is simple. It’s too easy to yell out ‘no’ or ‘stop’ in the heat of the moment, even if it’s a knee-jerk reaction as opposed to a genuine desire from the sub to bring everything to a halt. But why bother with a safeword? After all, if a sub begs … Continue reading

Review: BL Morticia – No Denying Sin

no denyingAuthor: BL Morticia
Reviewer: Victoria
Publisher: Triad Literary
Genre: M/M Contemporary
[xrr rating=4/5]

Living in the Big Easy is downright deadly especially if you’re a stripper. When another exotic dancer is found dead in her apartment, the heat mounts on Frankie and his fellow detectives to find the killer. Due to the magnitude of this unsolved mystery along with the LaBoy murders, tension runs high at nineteen making it hard for all to breathe around the police station and sending everyone … Continue reading

Review: Morticia Knight – Biking Bad

biking badAuthor: Morticia Knight
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN: 9781784303501
[xrr rating=3.5/5]

When Dylan, a young wannabe investigator, stumbles into the Mojave Sidewinder’s MC bar, he finds all kinds of trouble—especially in biker Luc ‘Zero’ Villarojas.

The Mojave Sidewinders is the largest gay MC club in Southern California. They’re also one-percenters, which makes them alluring to those looking for trouble and a danger to those making it. Luc ‘Zero’ Villarojas has been a brother ever since the club’s prez took … Continue reading

Tour with Contest: Morticia Knight – Sin City




Excerpt:  Parker went through the motions of following up, questioning a couple of people who second unit support had located in the immediate area. No one had seen where the men had gone, and only one person was able to give a vague description. Parker already knew damn well that it was the work of Julio’s rival, Alexei. He surreptitiously glanced Slade’s way as he was loaded up then transported—sirens screaming as the ambulance tore … Continue reading

Morticia Knight – Rockin’ the Alternative

rockingAuthor: Morticia Knight
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN: 9781784301347
[xrr rating=4/5]
The chance of a lifetime and the touch of a rock god are offered to music journalist Bryan Gallagher on the same day. Embracing one is easy, but resisting the other is harder than he’d anticipated—especially since Bryan has never been with a man.

It could be his dream assignment. Aubrey King, the legendary god of alternative rock music has requested to meet with journalist and writer Bryan … Continue reading

Morticia Knight – Uniform Encounters Dangerous Wish Tour with Contest

Love is a dangerous emotion that EMT Jared won’t risk. But it looks as though a sweet and sexy National Guardsman is about to make him wish for that—and much more.
EMT Jared Li loves his job, his friends and clubbing. There’s nothing like a night of fun getting glammed up, throwing on some heels and shaking his ass to the latest Britney tune. Life is all about having a good time with as many hot guys as possible.
Dan Harrison has been in the National Guard … Continue reading

Rocking the Alternative – Morticia Knight Tour and Contest

WHP_Morticia Knight_Social Media_final


Why Gay Erotic Romance?


I want to be snarky and reply, ‘why not’? But therein lies the answer. Some of my titles are also interracial romances for the same reason. For years and years and years, there was only one ‘acceptable’ type of romance — the ones that were between a man and a woman. Back in the day, there could only be passionate stolen kisses and gropes outside of the marriage between … Continue reading

Morticia Knight – Secret Fire Tour and Contest


secretfire_800Blurb: Police officer Zach and Fire Marshal Daryl would be perfect together—if they would ever quit fighting long enough to find out. A devastating fire and the secret behind it almost keeps them from getting what they really need—each other.


Mesa police officer Zach is a fun-loving guy. Now that he’s hit the big three-oh, he’s looking to stop the hook-up train and find someone he can get serious about. When a mutual friend suggests Fire Marshal Daryl, Zach assumes he must be joking. The surly marshal has given … Continue reading

Morticia Knight – Set Ablaze

set ablaze

Author Morticia Knight
Reviewed by:  Kevin
Publisher: Totally Bound
M/M Firefighter
ISBN 13: 9781781842478
[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Summary: Hunky fire chief Eric is out of the closet after twenty years of marriage. Can he find true love, or will a spate of arson fires destroy his chances with Tom, the sexy young fire-fighter?

Eric is a fire chief in Mesa, Arizona where he’s lived all of his life. A hunky Norse god like man, he has finally come out of the closet after … Continue reading