April Kelley – Coming Back Home tour and giveaway

Welcome to Pickleville

Pickleville is one of those blink and you’ll miss it type of towns. On Main Street there are several little shops on both sides of the road. A few years before Jaron and Travis’ story takes place, the city officials decided to redo the sidewalks. Small trees were planted at that time. Flowers are planted at the base of the trees every spring. During the football season, banners with the football players and cheerleaders faces on them fly from light posts.

The diner is downtown, right on the center and the grocery store a few shops down … Continue reading

Am Arthur – The World As He Sees It: Interview, excerpt and giveaway


HI! So happy to get to talk to you – welcome to Hearts!   Let’s dish a bit – tell us about The World As He Sees It. 

Hello! I’m so happy to be here! The World As He Sees It is an m/m romance that tells the story of Tristan and Gabe. Tristan has  no short term memory, and he writes down his entire life in notebooks so he can remember what he’s doing, where he is, and … Continue reading

CB Lee – Seven Tears at High Tide: Excerpt and giveaway


Here’s a picture I’ll share with you! This is a photo my dad took of me as a toddler.  We’re on our way to Yosemite Valley here, or possibly there already. My dad loves to travel, and when I was young every year we’d go camping in the Sierras and he loved taking my mom and my brother and I out to see the state of California. He and my mom immigrated to the States after the … Continue reading

JD Walker – The Perfect Bite excerpt and giveaway


Gabe Villagran has been an outcast since birth. The large purple birthmark on the right side of his face has ostracized him from family and community, leaving him with little self-esteem. So, imagine his delight when vampires come out to the world. Finally, at the age of eighteen, he’s not the only freak of nature around. Five years after leaving home, Gabe meets Pierre Sangre outside his gay vampire club quite by chance–meaning, he rescues Gabe from becoming vampire food. A vampire himself, Pierre has been mourning the loss of … Continue reading

Hurri Cosmo – The Neighbors excerpt and giveaway


Danny never paid much attention to the dark, empty house next door. He and his friends all believe the old Victorian is haunted, though, and would probably be a great place for vampires to live. But with his high school graduation coming soon, Danny has other important things on his mind.

But then the neighbors move in. The very hot neighbors, brothers who look barely older than Danny. And Gabriel—the … Continue reading

Sean Michael – His Very Own Vampire excerpt and giveaway


Vampire Truelock’s job for the last several hundred years has been protecting the President of Archer Industries, a family-run company that has done very well for itself. Since the current patriarch, Desmond Archer, is getting ready to officially retire from the company that more or less runs itself, he sends True on a mission to protect his estranged grandson Lane. Lane’s mother stopped speaking to her father Desmond when Lane was only a few years old and has told her son that his grandparents are all dead. He has no … Continue reading

Diane Sheridan – The Sharp Edge of Love Excerpt and Giveaway

sharp edge

When he goes to a local Renaissance Faire on Saturday morning, Josh expects to have a good time, but not much else. He certainly doesn’t expect to meet Ethan, a good-looking man in the jousting tournament, or for Ethan to spend the day and night with him. The more time passes the more perfect Ethan seems to be.

But that perfection begins to crumble when he realizes that Ethan is hiding something—and that something seems to have something to do with … Continue reading

HR Harrison – From the Stars They Fell excerpt and giveaway

from the stars

An alien ship crash lands on Earth, leaving its only occupant stranded. But in a fortunate twist, Earth is a hospitable planet for Veni, from the atmosphere and food to the friendly and intelligent inhabitants.

The first such inhabitants Veni meets call themselves dwarves. And though they don’t understand the technology that brought the alien to them, they insist on being hospitable. Sure, Veni doesn’t understand why the inhabitants of this land insist on speaking a language that modifies for … Continue reading

Arden L. Kitze – His Blue Eyes excerpt and giveaway

his blue eyes

Being the prodigy of Dictator Nicholai Cason makes Ariel a loyal ally of the Union—and that loyalty is set firmly in stone. When the Union tasks him with spying on the Liberators, he soon encounters one of their most capable members: Vivian Grant, who not only engenders trust in Ariel against all reason, but seems strangely familiar…

But those who are not loyal to the Union are considered treasonous, and all traitors must die, and Ariel isn’t certain one Liberator, … Continue reading

Chris T Kat – Battle Stations: Interview, excerpt and giveaway


Hi! It’s great to have you here!  Let’s get right to it – first off, tell us about Battle Stations.

Battle Stations is the sequel to Breeding Stations, and therefore the second (and most likely last) book in my Alliances series. It’s a direct continuation of Breeding Stations, and the books should be read in order, otherwise you won’t enjoy Battle Stations. The whole gang—Berit, Tom, Carson, Niyara, Fleur, Rene, and Ylkurt—will make appearances, and of course … Continue reading