Layla Dorine – Guitars and Cages Tour and Contest

Guitars and Cages Blog Tour

Title: Guitars and Cages

Author: Layla Dorine

Genre: gay fiction, urban drama, contemporary, M/M fiction

Length: Novel

Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


Asher Logan is a bartender and a pretty wicked guitar player, when he isn’t wrecking his hands fighting in a cage. With a past he keeps hoping to outrun, Asher’s been on a downward spiral for longer than he can remember. When his sister-in-law leaves Rory, his eight-year-old nephew, in his care, Asher is forced into two things he’s never been good at: sobriety and … Continue reading

Rick R Reed – A Demon Inside Cover Reveal and Contest



Hunter Beaumont doesn’t understand his grandmother’s deathbed wish: “Destroy Beaumont House.” He’s never even heard of the place. But after his grandmother passes and his first love betrays him, the family house in the Wisconsin woods looks like a tempting refuge. Going against his grandmother’s wishes, Hunter flees to Beaumont House.

But will the house be the sanctuary he had hoped for? Soon after moving in, Hunter realizes he may not be alone. And with whom—or what—he … Continue reading

Mila McWarren – The Luckiest Tour and Contest!


What is the best/worst thing that happened at a wedding you attended?

Well, there’s a moment in The Luckiest that recalls a few weddings I’ve been to – it’s apparently not unusual for Texas A&M graduates to sing the Aggie War Hymn at weddings, especially once everybody’s good and properly drunk, so that just makes it especially worth watching.

Weddings are good for drama – drunk people, emotional people. I’ve walked in on people fucking or preparing … Continue reading

VL Locey – Long Change Tour and Contest!


LongChange_MSRTitle: Long Change

Author: V.L. Locey

Publisher: Ellora`s Cave

Cover Artist: Allyse Leodra

Length: Novella

Release Date: 6/26/15

Blurb: Collegiate superstar goalie Boone Crockett seems to have the world at his feet. He’s rich, handsome, attends an elite college and is a hot prospect for the pros. Pity all that is a front for a deeply closeted and troubled young man.

All Boone’s life plans are shattered when flamboyant ex-figure skater Preston Gordon, an … Continue reading

Giveaway: Cardeno C – Perfect Imperfections (Second Edition)



Hollywood royalty Jeremy Jameson has lived a sheltered life with music as his sole focus and only friend. Before embarking on yet another international concert tour, he wanders into a bar in what he considers the middle of nowhere and meets a man who wins him over with his friendly smile and easy-going nature. Accountant slash bartender slash adventure-seeker Reg Moore has fun talking and drinking … Continue reading

Giveaway: The Long Journey Home Cassandra Pierce

long journey


For eighteen years, Wren has lived in isolation with his guardians, Grum and Krulch, in the heart of a deep, peaceful forest. His life is tranquil except for the doubts that torment him: why does he look so different from his parents, and how did two male ogres manage to birth a small, pale creature like Wren?

Everything changes when he accidentally wanders too far from home and comes upon … Continue reading

Giveaway: Megan Derr – Risk It All

risk itHeartsBlurb

Kipling doesn’t regret murdering his Alpha; anything was better than being subjected to brutal pit fights and abuse day after day. An abandoned cabin in the mountains seems the ideal place to hide until his pack gives up the search. Then on a quick trip into town for supplies, he encounters Tori, who seems like everything Kipling has ever wanted—and far too good to be true.

Continue reading

Guest blogger: Meredith Russell – Fallout Tour and Contest


Fallout (Flight HA1710 #4) by Meredith Russell.

When RJ Scott approached me to be part Flight HA1710, a series based around a plane crash, she presented the idea as not some big blockbuster disaster movie or even necessarily the crash itself, but rather how a massive event might affect people, their lives and their relationships.

In Fallout, a series of actions and decisions lead to my characters Harrison and Elijah not even being on the plane and this left them … Continue reading

Review: JL Merrow – Played (The Shamwell Tales #2)

playedAuthor: JL Merrow
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: MM Contemporary

Summary: Tristan’s in Shamwell for one last summer of freedom before he joins the family firm in New York—no more farting around on stage, as his father puts it. But the classically trained actor can’t resist when members of the local amateur dramatics society beg him to take a role in their production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Especially as he’ll also be giving private acting lessons to gorgeous local handyman, Con, who’s been curiously … Continue reading

H.L. Holston & Eleanor Bruce – Suck This, Neil Patrick Harris Guest Post and Giveaway!

H.L. Holston & Eleanor Bruce…

Eleanor and I never know what to write about when we do a guest post. Which is strange, because Eleanor works as a technical writer, and I teach writing/reading for a living. We use words everyday in our professional lives, but get stumped when asked to do a blog post! But, in the end, we decided to talk about what brought us together as a writing team.

About ten years ago, we were first introduced by a mutual friend in slash fandom and while both us have always loved the hot man on man action; … Continue reading