Review: Survival Game (Men of London #9)

Author: Susan Mac Nicol
Reviewer: Natalie
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing
Genre: MM

Summary: Since his true love died, paramedic Eric Kirby has been living a half life, but when he meets purple-haired Kyle Tripper, Eric’s heart is jolted into a whole new rhythm.


Kyle Tripper has led an interesting life. Currently the manager of London’s famous Club Delish, he used to be a croupier extraordinaire in Las Vegas. But not everything in that life was so glamorous; his ex … Continue reading

Flashback tour: Susan Mac Nicol – Men of London


With the release of Survival Game, book #9 in Susan Mac Nicol’s contemporary MM Romance Men of London series, fast approaching, Embrace the Rainbow Book Promotions and the supporting bloggers would like to take you on a flashback tour through the Men of London series so far . . . . . . . . .

Men of London Book One **LOVE YOU SENSELESS**



One of London’s up-and-coming chefs, Eddie Tripp has just the right recipe to drive tragedy from … Continue reading

Audio Review: Susan Mac Nicol – Waiting for Rain

waitingAuthor: Susan Mac Nicol
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary

Waiting for Rain by Susan Mac Nicol – Romance>Contemporary
The village of Stamford, the quintessential chocolate box English scene, seemed an impossible dream for foster kid Toby Prentiss. Now he’s found a home among the haystacks and village fairs as the general manager for the Duck and Drake Hotel. With the fears and demons from his youth hidden away in this bucolic oasis, … Continue reading

Susan Mac Nicol – Second Anniversary Bash!




Now that Shane Templar has stripped the armour from Matt Langer’s heart, will either of them ever be safe again?

Though two years past, Matthew Langer is still getting over the death of a loved one. He’s steered clear of serious relationships, but when he meets the irascible, dirty mouthed and tempestuous Shane Templar that … Continue reading

ARC Review: Susan Mac Nicol – Suit Yourself (Men of London #3)

suitAuthor: Susan Mac Nicol
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing
Genre: MM Contemporary

Publication Date: 5/21/15

Summary:Scarred both physically and emotionally after a motorcycle accident, twenty-five year old ex fashion model and porn star Oliver Brown is about to be stripped bare by flamboyant twink Leslie Scott—and they’ll rebuild love from the bottom up.

Twenty-five year old Oliver Brown is addicted. Two years ago, he was at the height of his career as “Nikki Star,” fashion model, porn actor, partier without peer. Then … Continue reading

Tour with contest: Susan Mac Nicol – Sight and Sinners

SMSight and Sinners_4

Men of London Book #2 – Sight and Sinners – Blog Tour 23 February 2015

Sight and Sinners features the abilities of Taylor Abelard, a man both cursed and blessed with prescience and an ability to see things that have passed. He doesn’t see the future; he’s more tortured by the dead and the spirits of those who linger. I think the key words here is ‘both cursed and blessed’.

In book one, Love You Senseless, Taylor was … Continue reading

Review: Susan Mac Nicol – Love You Senseless

MoL_Love You Senseless_coverAuthor: Susan Mac Nicol
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing
Genre: MM Contemporary

Summary: One of London’s up-and-coming chefs, Eddie Tripp has just the right recipe to drive tragedy from the mind of Gideon Kent—and leave him senseless with desire.

From Soho to Norwich, there’s no escaping love.

An award-winning chef with his own restaurant and an inexhaustible passion, Gideon Kent once had everything. Then came tragedy. It stole more than Gideon’s home. He hasn’t … Continue reading

Guest post, tour and contest: Love You Senseless by Susan Mac Nicol

We want to know:   What do you like to cook?

OMG. Out of all the questions you could have asked me, this one is a doozy. I’m not even sure how to answer it truthfully. You see the truth is, although I come from a family where cooking has been a passion and even a business — I-don’t-cook.

That’s a bit of misnomer because it says I don’t cook. Not that I can’t. Of all the household chores to do, like my #1 hate, ironing, which is my worst chore and why I only buy stuff that … Continue reading

Susan MacNicol – Worth Keeping Tour with Giveaway

Official Tour Page

Title: Worth Keeping
Author: Susan Mac Nicol
Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group
Bookseller: Boroughs Publishing Group
Worth Keeping Excerpt
Nick Mathers pulls Owen Butler from the freezing waters off the Norfolk coast, but Owen’s love can carry Nick back from the edge of oblivion.

Abused horrifically as a boy, Nick Mathers has come to terms with his existence as a man. Mostly. Other days life seems a little much. Especially when Nick knows he’ll always be alone.

On those days his thoughts turn black. He … Continue reading