Review: Sarah Masters- Sharkorilla (Spliced #1)

sharkorillaAuthor: Sarah Masters
Reviewer: Lucy
Genre: MM Paranormal

Summary: Mason has been tasked with the job of helping his fellow shifters escape from the compound. Two techs need his help to ensure the breakout goes smoothly. One of those techs, Brennan, has a thing for Mason—and Mason has a thing for Brennan too.

Once Mason and his three friends are out of the compound, running for their lives across the expanse of the Yorkshire Moors, Mason wonders … Continue reading

Sarah Masters – Sugar Strands

Author:Sarah Masters
Reviewed by: Kevin
Publisher:  Love You Divine
Genre: M/M Mystery

Summary: Getting calls from the dead in the middle of the night wasn’t Oliver Banks’ idea of fun.

Oliver gets calls from the dead, imploring him to help them find their killers. He’s heard them since he was a child and now assists the police in their investigations. He works closely with Detective Langham—and has steadily fallen more in love with him every day of the six months … Continue reading