Kendall McKenna – Strength of the Wolf


Author: Kendall McKenna
Reviewed by: JustJen
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: M/M Military Paranormal
ISBN 13: MLR1020130136
[xrr rating=4/5] 


After a fiery exit from Afghanistan, Tim Madison is promoted to major. Jeremy Wagner is a civilian, just beginning his Transition to True Alpha. As a lone wolf, he has no one to teach him the vital principles of strong leadership. After a volatile chance encounter, Tim and Jeremy form an intimate bond.

As Jeremy prepares to someday lead his own pack, Tim struggles with military … Continue reading

February Interview and Giveaway – Kendall McKenna

5771850Come get to know a shooting star – Kendall McKenna 

1)    What is something about you most people don’t know?

There’s so little about me that hasn’t been talked about in the last year. Then again, there are things I’m never going to divulge! Now that I think about it, while most everyone knows that my comfort with military jargon and sub-culture is a result of exposure to it, I haven’t really discussed the fact that my familiarity with firearms comes from my own knowledge base. In my teens and early … Continue reading

Kendall McKenna – Strength of the Pack


Author: Kendall McKenna
Reviewed by: Kevin
Publisher: MLR Press
M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781608208449
[xrr rating=5/5]

Summary: A Marine werewolf and his commander bring legends to life while surviving combat deployment in Afghanistan.

Lieutenant Lucas Young doesn’t know much about shifters. When Sergeant Noah Hammond is assigned to Lucas’ platoon, the Marine Corps’ True Alpha werewolf challenges the Lieutenant’s authority and his self-control. As Lucas learns to dominate and command Noah, he struggles against a strong attraction and deepening emotional bond. During their combat deployment to Afghanistan, Lucas … Continue reading

April 2012: Kendall McKenna Author Interview

Questions straight from the Heart (we are burning to know!)

  • What made you want to become an Author?
  • Positive feedback at a young age. My teacher in the 5th and 6th grade was the same man and he’s ended up being very influential in my life. He required us to keep a daily journal. He didn’t care what we wrote, as long as we wrote something. I got tired of writing about my daily life so I started making things up. He always had positive things to say about my narrative and my creativity. Anytime there was a creative writing … Continue reading

    Kendall McKenna – Brothers in Arms

    Author:  Kendall McKenna
    Reviewed by: Cat
    Publisher: Silver Publishing
    Genre: M/M Romance
    ISBN 13: 9781614952497
    [xrr rating=4.5/5]



    Jonah Carver is a Marine Staff Sergeant and veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. After one scorching night with his former Platoon Commander, Kellan Reynolds, Jonah lost touch with him and has regretted it ever since. When an investigation into government corruption and the murder of U.S. troops ends in the killing of a V.I.P. on Jonah’s watch, the FBI arrive to take over and … Continue reading