Audio Review: Kate Sherwood – Dark Horse

dark horseAuthor:Kate Sherwood
Reviewer: Stephen
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre:M/M Ménage

Dan thinks about just driving, leaving the whole mess behind. He’s got enough money. He could just arrange to get his stuff and his horse shipped to wherever he’s going. Taking off is what he used to do when things got to be too much, and it worked pretty well, really.

Dan Wheeler thought he’d found lasting love and stability with his life and work partner, Justin Archer. But when Dan finds himself alone … Continue reading

Review: Silvia Violet – Burning Up (Fitting in #3)

burning upAuthor: Silvia Violet
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Self Publish
Genre: M/M/M Contemporary

Bryce has been a firefighter for ten years, but when a horrific house fire leaves him reeling, he moves to a new city, hoping to shove those memories behind him. As he adjusts to his new station, Bryce keeps to himself until Matt and Toby, two hot young men in his unit, throw temptation in his path. Bryce knows better than to mess around with men he works with, especially two … Continue reading

Review: Nicola Cameron – Assassin (Planet Alpha #9)

assassinAuthor:Nicola Cameron
Reviewer: SheReadsAlot
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN: 9781772330779

When raiders steal a desperately needed power cell from a refugee camp, Duncan Shea and other members of the New Black Watch set out on their trail. After a deadly ambush kills his fellow watchmen, Duncan vows to find the raiders and bring them to justice. His search leads him to a grounded shuttle carrying an Alphan warrior named Taric and a mysterious Xyran named Zhan. The handsome aliens agree to help Duncan, … Continue reading

Review: Elizabeth Lister – A Numinous Light

numinousAuthor: Elizabeth Lister
Reviewer: Vivian
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: M/M BDSM

It’s been five years since James, Tate and Sebastian moved in together to enjoy a three-way BDSM relationship and James is turning fifty. After enjoying a surprise party and thoughtful gift, the health crisis of a close friend necessitates a trip to Montreal, followed by a snowy Christmas getaway in Mont Tremblant. Soon, an unexpected event challenges the dynamics of the relationship. Will the sudden appearance of family members, old friends, and new … Continue reading

Giveaway: Megan Derr – The Harem Master

haremBlurbLord Demir has spent his life trying to appease a brutal, selfish king, and keep the concubines under his care alive—and now he is on the verge of losing everything. The council wants to abolish the harems, there are no heirs to the throne, and the foreigners control the Steward. One wrong move will tip tensions into civil war.

Crown Prince Ihsan returns to find his home in turmoil, and the royal court so full of vipers it’s impossible to say which of … Continue reading

Giveaway: WIN J Hepburn – Playing By the Rules

playingBlurb: Life aboard a luxury yacht, travelling deep inside safe space, isn’t supposed to be exciting, and it’s one of the main reasons Tori works on board as a beautician and cocktail waitress. Her growing friendship with Annick, another beautician, is a pleasant bonus.

Then the ship is attacked by pirates, the very last thing she needs, but it soon becomes apparent that if they stand any chance of surviving she will have to dredge up the past she’s tried so hard to leave … Continue reading

Review: Mia Kerick – Here Without You

Here Without You coverAuthor: Mia Kerick
Reviewer: Victoria
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M/M Menage
ISBN: 9781632165596

With all of his scratched and dented heart, Nate DeMarco wants to be two places at once, but he’s been forced to make an unbearable choice. Having barely survived high school, Nate and his boyfriends, Casey Minton and Zander Zane, are ready to move forward. Casey and Zander have left home to attend Boston City College. Nate remains in New Hampshire to protect his volatile younger sister from their … Continue reading

Review: Jane Wallace-Knight – The Happily Ever After Mating Agency Presents Snovarg Island

snovargAuthor: Jane Wallace-Knight
Reviewer: Kevin
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: M/M/M Menage
ISBN: 9781627418515

Being sent to a mating agency by his parents is humiliating enough for bunny shifter Tyler Thompson. The fact that he has the rare ability to carry offspring just makes him all the more apprehensive. Growing up in a warren where everyone was told how to live and how to behave, Tyler dreamt of escaping. Realizing just how in demand someone like him is, and that the choice of mate is solely … Continue reading

Review: Lisa Henry & J.A. Rock and E.F. Mulder – XXXMas

xxxmasAuthor: Lisa Henry& J.A. Rock and E.F. Mulder
Reviewer: Vivian
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: M/M Holidays
ISBN: 9781623007416

Fall on Your Knees
By: Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock

Asa and his longtime partner, Javier, are looking forward to a cozy, kinky Christmas together. But when Asa discovers his coworker Drew has nowhere to go for the holidays, he invites Drew home for dinner. His motives aren’t entirely pure: Asa and Javier are both dominant, and occasionally arrange one night stands with submissives. Asa’s been … Continue reading

ARC Review: Megan Derr- Rabbit Season

rabbitAuthor: Megan Derr
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Less Than Three Press
Genre: MM Paranormal, Menage, Twincest

Publication date: 2/17/15

Summary: Sidney has quietly loved twin brothers Brook and Colby for years, watching and pining as they came to his house for the summer every year. Painfully aware that they have each other, have no reason to notice the unremarkable duck they grew up babysitting.

Then the twins and their mother are attacked days before an important meeting that will change the shifter world forever. When the twins … Continue reading