Review: Matthew Metzger – Sex in C Major

51MzYVHB0bLAuthor: Matthew Metzger
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: MM


Stefan has…fantasies.

He knows chasing those fantasies is only going to end in disaster, but he can’t seem to stop his self-destructive spiral. He’s a transgender man struggling to come to terms with the intersection of his identity and his sexual fantasies as a submissive. He needs someone to take control before he loses it completely.

Daz can take control. He can teach Stefan everything there is to … Continue reading

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Writing What You Know 

Writing what you know is the worst advice.

I know, I know, everyone says it like it’s this awesome thing and yeah, sometimes it is. Sometimes as writers we need to vent the experiences we’ve had and put them out there. Sometimes we are best placed to write something because we’ve been there, we’ve lived that life, we’ve looked through those eyes.

But it’s also crappy advice, because what about the things we don’t know?

There’s definitely a type when it comes to authors. We’re not all the same by any means, but there … Continue reading

Review: Matthew J. Metzger – What It Looks Like

13423985_10153550038972793_381138425107203478_nAuthor: Matthew J. Metzger
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: JMS Books, LLC
Genre: MM Contemporary/BDSM

Eli Bell is the only son of a police chief inspector and a forensic scientist. He’s grown up wonky in a world that only deals with the straight and narrow — and his new boyfriend isn’t helping.

Rob Hawkes is six feet of muscle, tattoos, and arrest warrants. A career criminal and a former guest of Her Majesty’s Prison Service, he’d rather hit Eli’s … Continue reading

Review: Matthew J. Metzger – Enough

enoughAuthor: Matthew J. Metzger
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: MM Contemporary
ISBN: 9781771012478

Summary: Jesse can do the math: Ezra’s perfect, he isn’t, and this relationship is doomed. Until the accident forces Jesse to recalculate.

Jesse has never had a real boyfriend before. He’s a firefighter, and that’s all that anyone’s seen before—a quick and thrilling screw, and a story for the future. So when he lands Ezra Pryce, the most beautiful man in the whole of Brighton, Jesse can’t quite understand why Ezra is still … Continue reading