Review: Freddy MacKay – Watermelon Kisses: A Holiday to Remember series

Author: Freddy MacKay
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Mischief Corner
Genre: Mm Holiday

Summary: Life hasn’t been easy for Amir since he fled Iran after a brutal imprisonment. The trauma experienced at the hands of the guards left a dark spot on his soul. The one constant in his life since relocating to Chicago has been his lover—now husband—Esmail, whose steadfast love and support has soothed his wounded heart.

But this Shab-e Yalda, Amir wants to be the one … Continue reading

Review: Foster Bridget Cassidy – But to Love More (ARC) – A Holiday to Remember

Author: Foster Bridget Cassidy
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Mischief Corner
Genre: MM Paranormal

Summary:Mel finally gets to go home for Christmas. In his absence, his hometown has changed, and Carlos, his best friend’s little brother, is all grown up and interested in a relationship. But Carlos has his work cut out for him since Mel’s having trouble seeing past the little brother part and his big brother, Aldo’s determined to keep them apart.

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Review tour: Anthology Mischief Corner – This Wish Tonight



Warmth, family, good cheer? Not everyone associates these things with the winter holidays. For some, it’s a time of longing and reflection. Mischief Corner Books invites authors to create stories set during the holiday season and centered on the fulfillment of a wish or desire.

Fear of Fire by Gregory L. Norris

Glass Artist Lucius Price works desperately to create a holiday symbol intended to help the town of Villatopia heal from a rash of unsolved … Continue reading

Review: Flight: Queer Sci Fi’s Third Annual Flash Fiction Contest (QSF Flash Fiction Book 2)

Author: Jerome W. Stueart; Clare London; Nina Pachebush; Ellery Jude; Hawthorne Moss; John Allenson; Zev de Valera; Liz Fury and Missy Welsh
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Mischief Corner
Genre: MM SciFi, Horror, Fantasy

Summary: A 300-word story should be easy, right? Many of our entrants say it’s the hardest thing they’ve ever written.

Queer Sci Fi’s Annual Flash Fiction Contest challenges authors to write a complete LGBTQ speculative fiction micro-story on a specific theme. “Flight” leaves much for … Continue reading

Review: Toni Griffin, Jon Keys and Gregory L. Norris – Behind the Uniform

512l6lxKjtL_uniformAuthor: Toni Griffin, Jon Keys and Gregory L. Norris
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books
Genre: MM Uniformed Personnel

Summary: **Please Note: The stories in this anthology will *not* be released individually.

Uniformed careers are a matter of choice and of sacrifice – military, fire, police, forest service, etc. – and the people who choose these careers are often dedicated to a fault. But sometimes dedication can come with a hefty price. Behind the Uniform illustrates the physical or … Continue reading

Audio Review: Toni Griffin – Liam (The Atherton Pack 1)

liamAuthor: Toni Griffin
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books
Genre: Paranormal

Narrator: Nick Flint

Summary: After a long night at work, all pastry chef Declan Morgan wants to do is have a run before he heads home to bed. His peaceful lope through the forest turns into a nightmare when he witnesses his Alpha kill a pack member in cold blood. Now Declan is on the run from the very people that should be protecting him.

Liam Anderson has … Continue reading

Review: Angel Martinez – Beside a Black Tarn

Author: Angel Martinez
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books LLC
Genre:M/M Fantasy

Summary: When Shax stumbles across rumors of an experimental house that responds to the occupant’s brain functions, creating scenarios to please and delight, naturally he wants to steal it. But with the return of a troubled and hunted Julian Parallax and an overabundance of Poe references, even Shax’s scheming may not be enough to get the Brimstone crew out alive this time.

If you … Continue reading

Travels Through The Scarlet Equinox Anthology: Author interview and giveaway


MCB Interview questions – Travels Through the Scarlet Equinox blog tour

Hi all, Toni Griffin here on behalf of Mischief Corner books. Thank you so much for having me. I’ve taken the lead on the majority of the questions, however, there were a couple of author specific ones that I may have farmed out to the authors in question. 😉

Travels Through the Scarlet Equinox is the 6th anthology from Mischief Corner Books and two of the authors, Angel Martinez and Freddy MacKay, were part of a Wilde City Press … Continue reading

Review: Toni Griffin, J. Scott Coatsworth, Angel Martinez and Freddy MacKay – Travels Through the Scarlet Equinox Anthology

51+E2TWrmrL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Author: Toni Griffin, J. Scott Coatsworth, Angel Martinez and Freddy MacKay
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Mischief Corner
Genre: MM Anthology

Summary:The Autumnal equinox—when the trees dress in their formal scarlet and gold and the crisp air whispers of chance and change, when bright days turn into sudden storms and the veil between reality and imagination thins. Join the Mischief Corner authors as they share stories evoking this often unpredictable time of year.

A Bear’s Bear by Toni Griffin
Matthew Warner’s been a Chicago Bears fan as far back … Continue reading