EE Montgomery – Guest post, excerpt and giveaway

FinalWhat is the best advice you can give someone moving on from an abusive relationship? 

This is actually quite difficult because every situation is different. Every person coming out of an abusive relationship has to make decisions based on their situation and what’s right for them at that particular time. Sometimes a decision you make today would be totally different even one day later because the situation can change dramatically and very quickly.

Making decisions is actually a … Continue reading

Guest post and contest: EE Montgomery – Just the Way You Are

Just The Way You Are

What do you think is the most difficult thing for abuse survivors to deal with long term?

I’ve taken a few days to think about this, trying to distill everything you need to learn to one thing. There are so many things you need to learn about yourself and what you should do that’s it’s difficult to categorize.

The learning has to start early, way before you even begin to think about leaving. Leaving is … Continue reading

EE Montgomery – Ordinary People Tour with Contest!

OrdinaryBadgeBlurb: When Queensland Police Force Constable James Laramee raids a hotel room, he finds Vinnie Canterbury on top of a naked, dead man, covered in blood. Vinnie promptly vomits all over James’s shoes.

Thanks to a cocktail of horse sedatives and Hendra vaccine, Vinnie’s memories of his ordeal are fractured. Finding the culprits and the reasons behind his abduction will be a challenge. With his apartment trashed, his building set on fire, and his clothes, phone and wallet gone, Vinnie needs a place … Continue reading

E.E. Mongomery – Just in Time (Just Life #3)


Author: E.E. Mongomery
Reviewed by: SheReadsALot
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Mystery
ISBN 13:   9781623803

Summary:  Mark Mendelson’s life is close to perfect: he has good friends, a successful business, and a solid reputation in the jewelry industry. He fought hard to get what he has after nearly losing it all fifteen years ago, when his then boyfriend, Cole Porter, stole his designs.

When a handsome man enters Mark’s store to request a commitment ring—a design Mark made specifically for Cole—Mark wants nothing … Continue reading

E.E. Montgomery – Between Love and Honor

Author: E.E. Montgomery
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Bittersweet
ISBN 13: 9781613722237

What a beautiful and heart wrenching love story this was.  It was good to see just how far society has evolved toward gay love.  Set in 1914 just at the start of World War I we see a lack of tolerance toward anyone not joining in the war effort.  David is a postal clerk trying to walk the straight and narrow.  He looks up from his window at the Post … Continue reading

E E Montgomery – Just His Type

Author: E E Montgomery
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Bittersweet
ISBN 13:9781613724163

What a great short bittersweet story from an author new to me.  Daron owns a cafe and is on a prowl for an older man.  His friend and employee, Rebel, has been pining over Daron but is never seen as more than a friend.  One day a guy that is just Daron’s type comes into the cafe for lunch.  Daron waits his table and comes on to the older man known … Continue reading