Michele L. Montgomery – You Never Cared

you never

Author: Michele L. Montgomery
Reviewed by: 
 Scarlet Ties
M/M Young Adult
ISBN 13:
[xrr rating=3/5]


Summary:  “I would gladly trade places with Casper, given the chance. I lifted my head to see Casper’s best friend standing on the other side of the grave.”

Jordan is a golden child — wealthy, popular, the self-professed ruler of the senior class. Jordan is also a bully, a bully whose group of friends mercilessly tormented seventeen-year-old Casper for being different, for being poor, … Continue reading

Michelle L. Montgomery – River of Tears

river of tears

Author: Michelle L. Montgomery
Reviewed by: Carob
Publisher: Silver Stream Press
Genre: M/F Contemporary
ISBN 13: N/A
[xrr rating=3/5]


Abby marries Caiden, her soul mate, and they begin a family. Suddenly, Abby is alone with her children and the bloody clothes Caiden last wore. Abby sets out to prove Caiden is alive in a twisted game of keep-away.

Abby meets Caiden at sixteen and knows she has met her soul mate. At nineteen Abby marries the love of her life begins their … Continue reading