E.E. Mongomery – Just in Time (Just Life #3)


Author: E.E. Mongomery
Reviewed by: SheReadsALot
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Mystery
ISBN 13:   9781623803
[xrr rating=2/5] 

Summary:  Mark Mendelson’s life is close to perfect: he has good friends, a successful business, and a solid reputation in the jewelry industry. He fought hard to get what he has after nearly losing it all fifteen years ago, when his then boyfriend, Cole Porter, stole his designs.

When a handsome man enters Mark’s store to request a commitment ring—a design Mark made specifically for Cole—Mark wants … Continue reading

Tracy Cooper-Posey – Dead Again


Author: Tracy Cooper-Posey
Reviewed by:
Ellora’s Cave
M/F Mystery
ISBN 13:
[mf rating=4.5/5] 


Dead AgainTracy Cooper-PoseyA small plane crashes in the Rockies and the only two survivors, Jack and Sophie, help each other live until rescue arrives, seven days later. Only Sophie goes on to pick up the pieces of her life, which has now been irrevocably changed by big, gentle Jack’s love…and death.But Sophie learns that Jack’s death didn’t close that chapter of her life, after … Continue reading

D.J. Manly – Florida Heat (Canadian – American #01)


Author: D.J. Manly
Reviewed: Yvonne
Publisher: Amber Allure
Genre: M/M Mystery
ISBN 13: 9781611243413
[xrr rating=4/5]


Alexis Kane, half-French, half-Irish, is a brilliant profiler who works for Interpol, and is called to investigate a series of murders in a Florida trailer park where retired Quebec citizens spend the winter months. Alexis is a man of science, he believes in facts, so he’s surprised to learn that Allen Petrie, a forensic scientist, is entertaining bizarre notions about the crimes.

But Allen had evaluated … Continue reading

Rhys Ford – Sinner’s Gin


Author:  Rhys Ford
Reviewed by:
Genre: M/M Suspense/Mystery
ISBN 13:
[xrr rating=3/5] 


There’s a dead man in Miki St. John’s vintage Pontiac GTO, and he has no idea how it got there.

After Miki survives the tragic accident that killed his best friend and the other members of their band, Sinner’s Gin, all he wants is to hide from the world in the refurbished warehouse he bought before their last tour. But when the man who sexually … Continue reading

Chris Quinton, R.J. Scott, and Sue Brown – The Fitzwarren Inheritance Trilogy

The Fitzwarren Inheritance Trilogy


Author: Chris Quinton, R.J. Scott, and Sue Brown
Reviewer: Sean
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Gay Paranormal Romance and Mystery
ISBN 13: 9781614952862
[xrr rating=4/5]


The Psychic’s Tale by Chris Quinton

“I curse you and your children’s children, that you shall all live out your allotted years, and that those years shall be filled with grief and loss and betrayal, even as you have betrayed and bereaved me.”

Four hundred years ago in rural England, a mob burned two men to death, … Continue reading