Patti O’Shea – In The Darkest Night

Author: Patti O’Shea
Reviewed by: Lexi
Publisher: Dohery, Tom Associates
Genre: M/F Fantasy
ISBN 13: 9780765361707

After saving her best friend, Shona Blackwood, (Book 3, Edge of Dawn) from her own family Farron has been in hiding and on the run.  After a demon tries to kidnap her, Farran is able to escape after the interference of one of the mysterious and feared Shadow Walkers.  (loved his description)  Farran’s not sure who she can trust and is afraid the Gineal council will send back to her father, … Continue reading

Patti O’Shea – Edge of Dawn (Light Warriors #3)

Author:  Patti O’Shea
Reviewed by: Lexi
Publisher: Tor Paranormal Romance
Genre: M/F Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9780765361691

Shona Blackwood is the sister of Creed Blackwood and a “dormant” Gineal Dragon Mage and she knows neither of these facts.  Too young to remember her parents being stripped of their power, young enough that she shouldn’t have come into her powers.  A thrift store find of an old necklace starts a chain of event that will change her life forever.


Logan Andrews a Light Warrior, also known as a magic … Continue reading