J.R.Ward – Lover At Last


Author: J.R.Ward
Reviewed by: Susan65
Publisher: Penguin Publishing
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781101607718


Qhuinn, son of no one, is used to being on his own. Disavowed from his bloodline, shunned by the aristocracy, he has finally found an identity as one of the most brutal fighters in the war against the Lessening Society. But his life is not complete. Even as the prospect of having a family of his own seems to be within reach, he is empty on the inside, his … Continue reading

Clare Langley-Hawthorne – Consequences of Sin (Ursula Marlowe Series #1)

Author:  Clare Langley-Hawthorne
Reviewed by: Chad
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Genre: M/F Historical Mystery
ISBN 13: 9780143112938

Debut novel ‘Consequences of Sin’ introduces us to an amazing new feminist sleuth, Ursula Marlow and her Edwardian world.

This novel centers around Ursula’s good friend Winifred, who stands accused of murder as Ursula digs deeper into this situation she will uncover upsetting questions about her father’s connection to the deceased, also to a mysterious expedition to Venezuela, what secrets hide there?. As the story progresses along … Continue reading

J.R. Ward – Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood #1)

: J.R. Ward
Reviewed by:
Penquin Group
M/F Urban Fantasy
ISBN 13:

This first book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood was oddly amusing.  There’s a war going on between the vampires and the Lessening Society.  Wrath is the last full blooded vampire left and the damaged king of the vampires.  He is afraid to fail as king so will not take the throne.  Beth is a half noble vampire and half human.  The time for her transition … Continue reading

Jacquie D’Alessandro – Summer at Seaside Cove

 Jacquie D’Alessandro
Reviewed by:
Penquin Group
M/F Contemporary
ISBN 13:

I laughed so many times during my reading adventure of this great book, that I lost count, what an amazing story.

This is a must read for anyone looking for a feel good contemporary romance, caution: Be prepared to laugh out loud with ‘Summer at Seaside Cove’. Jacquie has a real winner with this book and its sequel coming out in 2012, … Continue reading