Zathyn Priest: Interview and review – Inside His Reflection

It is lovely to get to talk to you!  We’d love to hear a bit about Inside His Reflection.   What can you tell us about the process of creating this book?

It went through three major plot changes before it became what it is.  When I sat down to write this book, the story I planned to tell was something different.  Elijah still had a shattered past, but for other reasons.  Version one wasn’t cutting it, and definitely wouldn’t cut it as novel length.  Elijah and Harry’s personalities were well developed by that stage, so I went back and … Continue reading

Review : Zathyn Priest – Inside His Reflection

Inside His Reflection_PROMO sizeAuthor: Zathyn Priest
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Genre: MM Contemporary Drama

Summary:A blind date leaves Harry reeling, and another date goes as badly. Scars on Elijah’s face are clues of a broken soul, yet Harry can’t walk away. Not even when he learns Elijah sees a dead man in mirror reflections.
Elijah’s sanity snaps. Blamed for crimes he didn’t commit, Elijah has already survived a brutal murder attempt and now … Continue reading

Zathyn Priest – The Curtis Reincarnation


Author: Zathyn Priest
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: MLR Books
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:   2940011293344


Summary:  Tyler Curtis is the quintessential rock star, with a notorious bad boy reputation as legendary as his awesome talent. Jordan Braxton, on the other hand, leads a quiet existence as a website designer and shares a house with his sister, Rebecca.

When Rebecca wins tickets to see Curtis in concert, and drags an unwilling Jordan along to the show, his ordered world is about to be … Continue reading

Zathyn Priest – The Slayer’s Apprentice


Author: Zathyn Priest
Reviewed by: Monika
Publisher: Smashwords
Genre: M/M  Paranormal

Summary:  When Senior Constable Daniel Hart stops bartender Phoenix Love from picking his pocket one evening, it’s an inauspicious beginning, but Daniel falls for the beautiful Phoenix anyway. Things become complicated when Detective Paul Somerset, who’s been on the trail of Australia’s notorious serial killer “The Crucifix Slayer”, sets his sights on Phoenix.
Convinced that Phoenix Love is the killer, Detective Somerset pursues him single-mindedly. As evidence, and Phoenix’s behavior, point toward Somerset being right, … Continue reading

Zathyn Priest – One of Those Days

Author: Zathyn Priest
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Sodalis Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary

Holy hell, we have all had days like this!  A big difference between most people and Alex Bell however is the fact that he budgets in time to compensate for the cat jumping into the fishtank, being unable to find matching socks and locking your keys in the house.  He is an over-preparer, and a bit OCD. He is also a chiropractor, sharing a practice with his father.  Alex is a compassionate … Continue reading