Review: Sam Kadence – Unicorns and Rainbow Poop

unicornsAuthor: Sam Kadence
Reviewer: Rich
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Genre: M/M Young Adult
ISBN: 9781632164186

Ex-boyband member Dane Karlson is struggling to overcome an eating disorder and a body dismorphic disorder. His fall through a glass table puts him in rehab and on the road to recovery. Then a friend dies. When depression causes him to lose ground, he calls for the only person he trusts—former bandmate Tommy. But Tommy doesn’t know how to help. He begs his friend Sebastian “Bas” Axelrod to aid them … Continue reading

Review: Derrick Knight – Miracle on Mistletoe Lane

1203 mistletoe laneAuthor: Derrick Knight
Reviewer: Rich
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/M Holiday

Joe Koehler and his six-year old son, Joey, are down on their luck. Currently, Joe is unemployed due to a bad economy and taking care of a medically complex son. Recently father and son became homeless due to their apartment catching on fire and Joe being without any insurance. They are forced to live in Joe’s old red pick-up truck. Eventually father and son take refuge at Hope House, a … Continue reading