ARC Review: Anthology – The Kritter Tales Anthology

kritterAuthor: : Ann Anderson, Jenna Hale, Tracey Michael, Lor Rose, Amanda C. Stone
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Rooster and Pig Publishing
Genre: MM Anthology

Available 1/14/15

Summary: Sometimes the best matchmaker has four legs and a cold nose…

Dogs aren’t the only creatures that are man’s best friend! From 101 Dalmations to all the animals in Dr. Doolittle, animals have ways of bringing people together that’s almost its own type of magic. Within the Kritter Tales anthology are five heartwarming stories about men and their animals, and … Continue reading

Lor Rose – Forbidden

forbiddenAuthor: Lor Rose
Reviewer: Mandy
Publisher: Rooster and Pig Publishing
Genre: M/M/M Menage

Summary: In the wake of battle, Izo Hidehisa found himself injured, confused, and in the care of a Buddhist monk called Harou. After time in the monk’s care Izo could no longer deny his feelings for Harou, but guilt over Shigemi, the lover he left behind, weighed him down.

Izo soon overcame his guilt and settled in with Harou, knowing that a life with Shigemi could never be. However, he hid a secret … Continue reading

Vicktor Alexander – Raising Shawna (Love & Life in the Panhandle, #1)

raisingAuthor: Vicktor Alexander
Reviewed by: Sandra
Publisher: The Rooster & The Pig Publishing
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9780615920696

What would you do if the spirit of your dead twin brother came back?
What about if he inhabited the body of your adopted daughter?

Former drug addict, turned state prosecutor, Shane Occena has to deal with this when the little girl he rescues one night, named Shawna, declares that she’s the reincarnation of his brother Shawn, that he’d lost over eight years before. Feeling … Continue reading

Vicktor Alexander – Elian


Author: Vicktor Alexander
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: The Rooster & The Pig Publishing
Genre: M/M Fantasy
ISBN13: 9781479144938


Jay has spent the last decade in front of a computer. He watches movies, taking everything he knows from them. But lately he’s started to want more. Including a one night stand with his super-hot roommate Chris. Starting off slow, he’s called the Sexy College Studs hotline, and the sexy sounding Duke.

Chris has had everything handed to him his entire life, but college life is … Continue reading

VicktorAlexander -The Besties


Author:  Vicktor Alexander
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: The Rooster & The Pig Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
ISBN13:  9780615780863


Kelly Jeter is a 30-year old virgin who suffers from an acute shyness and extreme anxiety. He lives in Manhattan and collects lighthouses. He is the quintessential nerd. He also doesn’t see how gorgeous he is, so when he meets Hawk Caliarchi, a friend of his besties, Krystal and Amy, he can’t believe the hulking Greek man wants anything to do with him. So when … Continue reading