Review: Rowan McBride – Ethan (True #1)

Author: Rowan McBride
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: Paranormal


Ethan is a shapeshifter whose life force is rooted in the ability to love. When he is cast aside by his mate of six years, he has one cycle of the moon to find a new one. If he does, he is reborn. If he doesn’t…

He dies.

Brendan isn’t going to let him die.

Note: This story was previously published under the title “Tales of … Continue reading

Rowan McBride – Want Me

want me

Author: Rowan McBride
Reviewed by: Barb
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: M/M Fantasy
ISBN 13: 9781587369346


Author’s Note: The ebook edition of “Want Me” (the one with the purple cover) is the second edition of the story and has been revised for Loose Id. In addition to tightening up the prose, etc, it contains a new chapter and a bonus alternate ending.

Joel Beckett is blessed. He’s popular with the ladies, a star on the football field, and worshiped by everyone on … Continue reading

Rowan McBride – One Shot

 Rowan McBride
Reviewed by
: Don
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: M/M Romance
ISBN 13: 9781607374398


This book was a great, fun read. My hat is off to you Mr. McBride. Nick Carlyle is a number cruncher for an international company. He uses his analytical and problem
solving skills to work his way up the corporate ladder. Nick’s biggest flaw is that he is emotionally oblivious to everyone.

Riley Jameson works in Nick’s department and has been crazy about him since day one but … Continue reading