Review: Vanessa Sims – Freeing His Mercenary

freeingAuthor: Vanessa Sims
Publisher: Self Publish
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN: n/a
[xrr rating=4/5]

What would you do if the man you loved woke up and didn’t remember you?

Christian Storm was your normal kick ass bad boy, until his best friend admitted to having feelings for him.

On the heel of Rick’s confession, Christian gets his act together, and starts a relationship with Rick.

The case they’re working on together goes sour at the end and Rick is taken.

After a few days … Continue reading

Tour with contest: Vanessa Sims – Freeing His Mercenary

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We ask: Why did you start writing MM and the military aspect in particular?

I wanted to write mm romances because I feel it’s a great genre to be in. To me it’s like a forbidden fruit and everybody loves a piece of forbidden fruit. (Even if they don’t want to admit it.) The military aspect came because for one I was in the military so I have a little, I won’t … Continue reading

Review: Vanessa Sims – Cherished Mate

cherishedAuthor: Vanessa Sims
Reviewer: Victoria
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/M Self Published
[xrr rating=4.5/5]

One heart calls to another.

Snatched away from his family and friends, Nicholas struggles to stay alive while in the hands of a madman, but even the enhanced strength of a shifter can only last so long.

Kicked out of his pack at a young age because he preferred men, Anton has no desire to be responsible for anyone other than himself. Over the course of his travels … Continue reading

Vanessa Sims – His Mercenary (Mercenary in Love #1)

his merceAuthor: Vanessa Sims
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Self
Genre: MM Contemporary
[xrr rating=3/5]

Summary: Chase Black and his team are Mercenaries who go after Human Traffickers.
Working a case for the FBI, Chase meets special agent Cameron Allen.

Special Agent Cameron Allen has been with the FBI for five years.
Being an openly gay man in the agency is not easy, but he does his job well.

Chase and Cameron team up to find Angelo Marini, who has escaped from FBI custody. Working … Continue reading

Vanessa Sims – Destined Mate (Red Moon Pack #2)

destinedAuthor: Vanessa Sims
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: MM Paranormal
[xrr rating=3/5]

Summary: What do you do when you are forced to mate with someone, so your brother doesn’t have to become Alpha?
You toe the line to protect your brother.

That’s what Noah the Alpha of the Red Moon Pack was going to do.
Or so he thought, until his mate came into the picture.

Mitchell’s task was easy, drop his sister off for her mating with the Alpha of the Red … Continue reading

Vanessa Sims – Fated Mate (Red Moon Pack #1)

fatedAuthor: Vanessa Sims
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MM Paranormal
[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Summary: What would you do if the man destined to be your mate tells you he is going to look for another mate? You make him see the error of his ways.
Ethan and Isaiah are Beta’s in the Red Moon pack.
They are best friends and mates.
They have denied their wolves for five years.
One fateful night Ethan tells Isaiah he’s looking for another mate.
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