Faith L Justice – Sword of the Gladiatrix Tour and Contest


A Day in the Arena OR How I Die a Dozen Deaths

Faith L. Justice

“How do you think you would do in a battle arena?”

When I got this suggested topic, I thought to myself, “Great! Shortest blog post ever—I die!” Then I thought about it and realized there are a few—very few—situations where I might survive. After all I have my protagonist in Sword of the Gladiatrix survive a beast hunt … Continue reading

Killian B Brewster – The Rules of Ever After Tour and Contest


We ask: If you were nobility, how would you rule your kingdom?

I think we all would like to think if we were members of the nobility that we would rule fairly and honestly. I would encourage my citizens to enjoy the wonders of every day and try to offer as many freedoms as I could. I would want my kingdom to be a place that respects all people and tries to live at peace with the world. … Continue reading

Ethan Stone – Flesh and Blood Tour and contest

Flesh & Blood Tour Banner




DSP Publications:


Sequel to In the Flesh

A Flesh novel

Detective Cristian Flesh is about to find out that he can only run from his past for so long.

When a local man is attacked and the suspect is a hustler, Cristian knows there’s more to the case than meets the eye. His investigation will lead him into a maze of lies, deceit, and … Continue reading

RJ Scott – Retrograde Guest post and contest

Moments that changed my life – A blind date

The idea of one event changing a person’s life is not a new one. Most films, books, in fact all stories, have some kind of moment where the path of a life changes. This could be a big event, like a loss (or a gain!) or it could be something small, like taking a different bus home! I was watching something on the TV, I don’t even know what but I am sure it was one of those *disaster* shows, like one about plane crashes. What I do recall is turning … Continue reading

Julie Lynn Hayes – When Will I Be Loved Tour and Contest


We ask:  Which you rather be – vamp or were? 

Although I love to write about both vamps and weres, I have to admit I love the vamps the most, and have since I discovered Bram Stoker’s Dracula, about the age of twelve. At that time, werewolves were hairy and not particularly attractive men, more animal than anything. But vampires were often suave and sophisticated and elegant. I’d rather drink blood, I think, than howl at the … Continue reading

Mickie Ashling – Enforcing Emory Tour, Review and Contest!

Enforcing Emory Tour Banner

Many thanks to Hearts On Fire for giving me an opportunity to share an exclusive excerpt of Enforcing Emory. I bring several giveaways so don’t forget to leave your name in Rafflecopter for a chance to win.


When Emory walked through his front door, Tom was just leaving for work, and after giving his dad a bear hug and his normal good-bye kiss, Emory casually mentioned that Nikolai would be over later that … Continue reading

Lee Brazil – Loving Jacob Tour and Contest


We ask: What are your views on office relationships?

Hi! Thank you for inviting me to participate on your blog. *sips coffee* For those of you who don’t recognize me, I’m Lee Brazil, author of m/m romance with Story Orgy, Pulp Friction and Totally Bound Publishing. In past lives, I have waited tables, sold books, and taught English. Currently, I am happily retired and loving this second career as a writer. The book I’m promoting here today … Continue reading

Parker Williams – Scent of the Heart Cover Reveal

Scent-400x600 2

Series: Shifting Needs

Book: Two

Series should be read in order 

Release Date: June 15, 2015


Casey Scott grew up being told he’d never amount to anything, and despite the unwavering love and support from his best friend, Jake, the idea sticks in the back of Casey’s mind. When he discovers he has a unique destiny in an enclave where shifters and humans live together, he seizes the chance, wanting for … Continue reading

Cate Ashwood – The Storm Before the Calm Tour and Contest


We ask: Can you dance? Sort of. I guess it depends on what type of dancing you’re talking about. If you mean normal, going out with the girls type dancing, then no. Not really. I’m clumsy and awkward and never really know what to do with my hands.

If you mean performance style dancing, then, again, sort of. I was a dancer for ten years or so. I took pretty much every type of class you can think … Continue reading

Brynn Stein – For Mac Tour and Contest



Branson Farrell lost his parents when he was thirteen, and for the last ten years his brother, Mac, eight years his senior, has taken care of him. But Mac’s love came at a price. Both brothers were raised to believe being gay was completely unacceptable, and Branson has almost convinced himself he can be what Mac expects. When he looks at a man in a bar and … Continue reading