Tour and contest: Johanna Parkhurt – Every Inferno


Dreams  by Johanna Parkhurst

I have ridiculously vivid dreams. I often wake up remembering them, trying desperately to figure out why my best friend would want to stand on her head and make fun of my dress at a party while that co-worker I barely know runs around us screaming at us.

Every Inferno was, in many ways, the product of a dream. One day I woke up remembering a dream that made no sense: a boy was … Continue reading

Tour and contest: Shira Anthony – Blood and Ghosts

downloadVampires, Time Travel, and Hunters, oh my!

Shira Anthony’s Blood Series from Dreamspinner Press

Thanks so much for hosting me today! For everyone reading, please read down to see how to enter the Blood and Ghost Blog Tour giveaway on Rafflecopter. I’m giving away a cool Blood Series basket featuring a Dr. Who Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey pendant, a paperback copy of the first Blood Series book, and a vampire gel pen with the series logo.

You can tell by the title of … Continue reading

Guest post with contest: Lexi Ander – Sumeria’s Sons, Dreams of the Forgotten


How Do You Plan Out A Series Such As Sumeria’s Sons?

2015-03-29 10.36.24Twin Flames was the first book I penned for publication making Sumeria’s Sons my first series. And I didn’t have a clue to what I was doing, which was okay because I was none the wise until like chapter three. ^_^

As a pantser, I wrote Twin Flames and Songs of the Earth by the seat of my … Continue reading

Tour and contest: R.E. Nelson – Palace Dog


We ask:  How did you research for a background of the Vietnam war?  

The research for PALACE DOG was essentially personal memories from my time there.  In many ways, I look at myself as being in the same place (Vietnam) at the same time (1971-1972) and doing many of the same things (teaching at the Armed Forces Language School, living in the barracks/downtown, hooking up with the locals) as my main character Michael Andrews.  Our individual … Continue reading