TC Blue – The One that Gave (One and One #5)

one that gave

Author: TC Blue
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781610403689

Rating: ★★★★★ 


Unofficially questioning someone who might have information associated with a legal case isn’t the best way to meet a potential date. In fact, it’s not the way Troy Bernay ever expected to, but male nurse Lex Harrington is… interesting. Too much so when Lex’s involvement with the aftermath of an accident caused by the son of one of Troy’s clients might create a conflict of interest.

Lex hasn’t had the best of luck with men. In fact, he’s had such bad luck that he’s given up on finding someone to spend more than a week or two with. His work hours are just too ‘inconvenient’ for most guys. That doesn’t stop him from wishing, of course, and Troy Bernay seems just about perfect for a fun, no-drama good time. Except for a pesky police investigation into the most recent multiple vehicle accident, of course, and needing to stay away from lawyers, cops, and the media if he wants to keep his job.

Running into each other unexpectedly at a party has both Troy and Lex wondering whether there’s a way to have their cake and eat it, too, but even in the best case scenario, something’s got to give.


ER nurse Lex is on duty the night of a big accident where victims are being sent to the hospital he works in from another hospital due to the number of injured people.  What the ER staff worked with that night, especially with the range of ages as well as injuries, would make it difficult to walk away unaffected, and for Lex, his reaction is essentially PTSD.  He manages to avoid talking to the hospital counselor by promising to work with his friend Travis, who is former military who did tours in Iraq.  On forced days off, he is asked to stop by the police station to speak to a detective about the accident and if one patient in particular was drunk, and it is suggested that someone may have been “bought off” to hide if the patient was in fact drunk – which Lex does not react to well!  There was a young man Lex treated who smelled of alcohol, and the accusation has him checking the hospital records when he is back on shift, a blood alcohol test was done and he was well under, but there seems to be pressure to find this kid guilty of DUI even though he is hooked up to machines and may never recover.  That affects Lex even more and he finds himself visiting ICU to see how he’s doing.  This action is a cause for concern by the hospital and he is moved to Pediatrics!  However, Lex’s conscience drives him to share the test results with the detective.  Then Travis asks him to meet another friend, Troy, who happens to be the company lawyer for the young man’s father.  Troy’s firm has been asked to defend the son and Troy is gathering information about the case and can get nowhere, so Lex tells him about the test – both situations, if found out, could put Lex’s job at risk.  Further complicating matters is his attraction to Troy, which Troy happens to share, but he is also aware of the risks Lex is under, so they do not do anything about their attraction…that time!

They cross paths again at a house party and after getting to know more about each other, and the relationship challenges both their jobs create, they give in to their attraction and find themselves spending more and more time together.  Then Lex’s apartment is broken into and there seems to be a witchhunt on for this young man, what does that mean for Lex and Troy and their fledgling relationship?

This is the latest in “The One” series by TC Blue, which I did not know when I started it, but I will say I went and bought the rest of the books before I was even halfway through this one!

That said, the books are stand alone, characters cross over the books, but I didn’t feel I had stepped into the middle of it, I just liked the characters enough that I wanted to read more!  This was very well written, well paced, I like that the relationship portion of the story has as much weight to the overall book as the suspense part of the story.  It definitely reads like real life in that while there are situations you cannot control, you still have personal relationships with friends or partners that won’t stay on  hold while you try and control outside forces!

This was my first book by TC Blue and as already mentioned, I’ve bought the rest of The One series and will definitely be looking for more!

I think if you like suspense and romance together, you will enjoy this book – and there are some very hot scenes, well developed secondary characters that are as important as the lead characters.  It was very hard to put down so I would highly recommend this book and likely, the series!



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