Thom Lane – Pink Fizz (French Wine #3)


Author: Thom Lane
Reviewed by: Susan
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781623002039

Rating: ★★★★☆ 



Greg never lets himself have more than a one-night stand. That’s his cardinal rule. He’s been hurt so badly in the past, he won’t let anyone close again. He gets plenty of sex—he’s a pick-up artist of high renown—but nobody gets to play family with him any more.

Until he meets Juliette, and her entourage of young gay men. She whisks him away to the family chateau in the wine-region of Provence, and does her very best to set him up with this guy or with that. It’s sheer self-defence that drives him into the arms of Robin, the man he finds for himself – but will he ever let himself settle there, in a happiness he doesn’t trust to endure? Or is this just a holiday romance, fleeting and insubstantial and meaningless?

He has the power to change both their lives, but the choice is his; he needs to make a leap of faith, and he has no faith in anyone, least of all himself….


It is a great pleasure to read a new book in this series.  This time we meet Greg, the master of one night stands, who runs into Juliette on the way to a night out.  Juliette is trying to find her cousin, Matthieu (who we first met in White Flag, a previous book of this series).  As is her way, Juliette attaches herself to Greg and he soon finds himself invited to her family’s French chateau for a holiday.  Juliette takes upon herself to try to set Greg up but he’s not interested in a holiday romance.  Until, that is, he meets Robin, a stall-holder at the local market.  They spend the day chatting and Greg agrees to spend the evening with Robin and his friends.  Even after they spend an amazing night together, Greg still treats it as one night stand and prepares to forget all about Robin.  But it’s not that easy!  Juliette and her entire family seem intent on bringing the two men together at every opportunity that they can.

Greg has series trust issues caused by problems in his previous relationships.  He’s come to the conclusion that he doesn’t even want one night stands anymore and decides he will become celibate.  He would rather spend his life alone than deal with the pain and heartache that comes from betrayal.  He meets Robin when he is trying to escape from Juliette’s matchmaking and spends time with him almost against his better judgement.

Robin is a great guy who has a completely different life philosophy to Greg.  He takes chances and looks for new adventures  and he falls hard and fast for Greg.  Reluctantly, he understands Greg’s position and prepares himself for the inevitable.  Will Greg’ holiday be long enough for him to admit that what he thought he wanted may not be what he needs or what he deserves?

Although this is the third book in the series, it is a self-contained romance and could be enjoyed by readers who have not read the previous books.  For those who have read the rest of the series, it is nice to meet Matthieu and Charlie again, as well as Juliette and all the rest of the family, particularly grandmére!  We are also treated to a brief glimpse of Jeff and Benet.

A sweet and sparkling romance and an excellent addition to the series.








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