Tina Donahue – Sinfully Wicked

Author: Tina Donahue
Reviewed by: Valentina
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: M/F BDSM
ISBN 13:    9781419939860

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 


Summary: Two brothers-one woman-unforgettable passion. Years before, Nikki fell in love with Mitch and Connor, only to ultimately betray them both. Now she’s back and in need of their help. Powerful and commanding, Mitch has never stopped craving Nikki. Connor hungers for her just as badly, but isn’t ready to forgive. If she needs some fast cash by working at their gentlemen’s club, she’ll have to audition-by stripping for them. Aroused by their shameless scrutiny, Nikki’s willing to do whatever it takes to be near them again…even if that means being punished in the BDSM room or starring in one of Connor’s erotic films. Mitch won’t have it, however, unless he and Connor are the ones enjoying her body. On a sultry weekend, Nikki surrenders to their lust, reawakening a timeless bond and the beginnings of forgiveness 


Review:  I’ve read an excerpt to this story and found it hot enough to actually read the whole book. I don’t usually read this combination, or any containing a woman in the mix lately, but there was something about two brothers wanting the same woman and her being so brave to bare her body as well as her soul for a chance and forgiveness.


Nikki is out of a job and money after her ex-husband ended up in jail and there were doubts about her involvement. The only chance she sees for getting her parents out of debt and surviving herself is to beg for a job.


Connor and Mitch are two brothers who’d had it rough in life and were only able to depend on each other. They were in love with Nikki fifteen years ago until she hurt them and left them to the mercy of her new-found and cruel friends. Now she needs their help and asks for a job in their gentlemen’s club.


While Mitch is the more forgiving of the two, Connor doesn’t trust as easily again, and Nikki is put through serving as well as making of a film before her two men manage to reconcile the past with the present and the people all of them used to be to those they are now.


There is no doubt that this is a hot read. Most of the sexual combinations are tried out and written explicitly to the joy of us pervy readers. But at the end of it, there isn’t much else to the story. Nikki is seeking forgiveness as well as a job, Mitch is willing to give it while Connor is not. That is the whole base of the story and the rest is sex. It is really well written and emotions do run high in certain situations. I particularly liked the scene from the excerpt, while everything was still really new and the tension was crackling. But sex didn’t bring me any closer to the character’s motivations, to explanations as well as the ultimate workings of their relationship. They do get there eventually, but I needed to know how they worked together when you removed the sexual aspect of their relationship, and that was never given.


Sinfully Wicked is a really good erotic read that will make your heart beat faster and probably leave you weak at the knees. Especially if you’re not used to reading such explicit content. But for someone like me, who finds this pretty much vanilla, without the solid non-sexual base, it wasn’t quite enough. So three stars, but a steamy recommendation for those of you who still like it straight.


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