TN Tarrant – Love and Hate

Author: TN Tarrant
Reviewed by: Ana
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781614957225

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Summary:  Matt Landers is falling in love with Kyle Garber, which is making his summer great. There’s only one problem. Matt’s greedy, homophobic, religious fanatic parents are trying to kill them.
Matt Landers is in college, finally free to be himself. Relying on supportive friends to cope with the recent loss of his beloved grandpa, he’s determined to ignore the condemnation of those who should love him, but whose heads are too clouded by religious hatred to remember the command to love others as thyself.
Kyle Garber is Matt’s fantasy man, and the discovery that the man is both bisexual and interested in him, has Matt’s summer looking up. Since his grandpa provided handsomely for him, Matt isn’t worrying about how he’ll pay both for college and survival. It also makes him the target of his parents, who claim God is moving through them, but in reality, just want his inheritance 

Review: I have to be honest this was only the second thing by this author I have read and there will be a third. This is the story of how a man “Matt” comes out (although by accident) and overcomes the abuse and hatred to gain a group of loving true friends who will stand by him through anything and the love of his life “Kyle”. This was a wonderful story of love, friendship,and guts. This book made me walk away believing that love and friendship can help one overcome almost anything. A definite must read!


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