Trina Lane – Sound of Salvation

Author: Trina  Lane
Reviewed by: Kevin
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781781840801

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Summary: One man is trapped in a continual existence of hellish nightmares—the other strives to finally see the silver eyes of his mate glow with happiness.

Charlie Chaunterel may have been rescued from Adam Broyles ten year ago, however damage from his experience has festered deep in his mind, slowly eating away at Charlie’s will to live. He has alienated himself from nearly all his friends and family, except for the big brother who saved him from the demon’s clutches.

Bryan Etchason has been in love with Charlie and known he is his mate since they were teenagers. Charlie’s kidnapping and torture by Bryan’s creator has left the man constantly hovering between the need to hold Charlie in his arms and the acceptance that Charlie must have time to heal if their mating is to have any chance of survival.

As Charlie and Bryan navigate the pathway to his recovery, Charlie finds himself having to make a choice between the man whose touch keeps him warm and stirs a heat inside his body…or the voice that comes to him frequently in the dark of night, calming the tempest of his mind. If only he could have them both…

Review: Once I started it this, I couldn’t put it down until it was over, and then I was sorry that I couldn’t read more. I was totally engrossed in Ethan and Charlie and the twists and turns of their relationship. Following Charlies’s path of healing is, at times, at once sad and heartwarming, and  so worth reading it to the end. The emotions that Ethan and Charlie experience in this book are amazingly intense. The story is well written,  the characters well developed and the love of the two main character and their family wrap themselves around you and suck you into the story and into their lives. There were so many times while reading this that I was brought to tears of both joy and sadness.

Charlie is a tortured soul. Kidnapped and forced to have his wolf ripped from his soul has just about caused him to give up on life all together. He sinks ever deeper into a depression that even his family can’t bring him out. But all that is about to change with a few simple words heard  from his mate, ” I need you, Charlie”.

Bryan Etchason has loved Charlie for as long has he can remember. But due to fate taking his mate away from him, he is forced to watch from afar as Charlie drowns in despair and sadness. A tragedy strikes and Bryan decide it is time to fight for his mate, whether Charlie wants him too or not. As weeks pass into months, Bryan grows closer to Charlie and in doing so, helps him heal. Then in a savagely unfair twist of fate,  once again tragedy strikes and could take his mate away from him and there is nothing he can do about it.

It had all the elements I love in a story; the emotions, great characters and of course the happily ever after. However, I am sad to see it end as I would love to see more about this family and their friends. I have found Ms Lane writing to be very entertaining and heart felt So I would recommend it to anyone that loves a good love story.

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  1. Read it and loved it but so much emotional upheaval that I couldn’t feel but depressed. It just got to me especially the lake thing probably because I’m experiencing something similar w/ a family member….I was truly sad!

    Definitely great addition to the series and loved Charlie and Bryan. Everyone should have a Bryan in their lives. 🙂 Great job and will look forward to reading more of your work. Cheers!

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