Trina Lane – Taste of Devotion (Phantom River #3)

Author: Trina Lane
Reviewed by: Kevin
Publisher: Total E Bound
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781781840566

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Summary: One man searching for a place to call home stumbles into the arms of another wishing for a mate to complete his.
Cooper Tessen, enforcer for the Phantom River Pack and Sheriff of Stonepass, has watched each of his two best friends enjoy their mated bliss. He’s thrilled they’ve found happiness, however, he feels a distance growing between him and his blood brothers because he has no experience of the connection between a shifter and his mate. Cooper fills the hours of his lonely days by spending as much time as possible working at the station to protect his town, and, secretly, off on dangerous missions for the government. Burning the candle at both ends gives him little time to focus on his longing to have a mate of his own.

Darren Caisil is on the run. Accused of a murder he didn’t commit, it’s either become a lone wolf or be killed by the very pack he’d spent his life trying to serve. He hits rock bottom when he finds himself lost, alone, hungry, and freezing in nowhere Montana during the dead of winter. His last semi—conscious thought as he succumbs to the inevitable is that an angel is lifting him towards heaven. When he wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings, he finds it wasn’t an angel after all, but a man. And not any man, but another wolf shifter…one who claims to be Darren’s mate.

As they explore their mating bond, Cooper tries to get Darren to open up about his past but the man refuses to share his secrets. Frustrated, Cooper decides to do a little digging on his own. Unfortunately, it seems Cooper’s investigation may have stirred up a hornet’s nest when it draws the attention of some of Darren’s former pack members who are bent on revenge… 

Review: I had a great time reading this.  It is a great paranormal M/M romance with an engrossing plot and appealing characters. Ms Lane has created a fascinating modern day earth, advanced in technology and accepting of paranormals that is both unique and believable. Both main and supporting characters are appealing and lively.  There is, of course, a supporting cast of characters in the form of a group of sexy man.

Darren Caisil an omega is on the run.  The abuse from his former pack and the resulting isolation was bad enough, but when he became a pawn for an evil beta it is time to leave. On the run and weak and hungry from being out in the cold so long, he thinks his time on earth is over. When he wakes up, safe in a comfortable bed, he just wants to know why. Even more than that, he want to know who the sexy smelling man is claiming to be his mate.

Cooper Tessen has lived a very lonely life. After seeing both of his friends become happily mated he is looking for a mate of his own.  During yet another lonely drive home to an empty house, he sees an animal in a field and goes to rescue it.   He is first shocked to realize the animal is a man, a shifter, but even more surprising is the realization that this is also the one he has been waiting all his life for.

This fast paced story has everything – a riveting plot, a great setting, terrific dialogue, humor, and murder, as well as action and adventure .  I found the ending to be a nice closure to Darren’s old life and a bright light toward his future. I believe this will satisfy a multitude of personalities from your true romance lover to your shift shaper lovers. I’m so looking forward to more.




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