V.M. Waitt – Chase the storm

chase the storm

Author: V.M. Waitt
Reviewed by: Connie
Publisher: DreamSpinner
Genre: M/M Cowboy
ISBN 13: 9781623804954

Rating: ★★★★★ 



Up until he buys an old truck, Elijah Morgan lives life according to his family’s plan, never feeling like he belongs. Desperate to find his own path, he heads out on the open road, only to end up stranded in Nebraska. Not wanting to ask for his parents’ help, he takes a job with tough, independent farmer Chase McKenzie.

Despite their age gap, the attraction between Chase and Elijah soon becomes undeniable. They give in to their desire, but that night changes everything and threatens the secret Chase guards so carefully.

As the summer heats up, so does their relationship. When autumn arrives, Elijah is due back at college, and he’ll have to choose whether to continue his education and follow in his family’s footsteps… or to stay in Nebraska with the man he loves.


I’ve been waiting for this book for what it feels like ages!

And finally I’m holding it, and I have all these high expectations about it.

We start with a gripping story, the storyteller has a great voice and I just felt immerse in his life from the first chapter.

But then something happened, the pace got slow, and for a moment I lost interest in what was going on in the book.

I realized that I had to adjust my expectations.

See, I’ve been a fan of the author for a while, but I’ve always read her FanFiction. Characters I’ve already knew and loved so there was no need for me to relate to them in any other way…I knew where they were coming from.

With Chase and Elijah I had to start over and “meet” them, really meet them.

And find Mrs. Witt voice within them.

So I started over, with a clean slate, like I would read any other new author.

I was not disappointed. It was just a process that had to do more with me than with the book.

Elijah and Chase just clicked, they worked for me.

Chase is one character that will stay with me for a long time, and the story wasn’t even from his POV. But from what I got to see through Eli´s eyes he is just wonderful.

The whole May-December romance is a soft spot for me, I love stories with mature characters; and here is an added value, because Chase is not just older he had lived a lot and can put into perspective some of the issues that are troubling Elijah.

One of the things I liked more about the book was of course the romance, if there is something the Mrs. Witt can do is write perfect love stories with imperfect characters.

Elijah´s journey, from boy to man, the changes, the attitude, the courage…you can see it all like a movie.

And Chase is the constant there, guiding, pushing if necessary; meanwhile travelling his own path.

Letting go of the old lover without guilt, knowing that was time.

With all his older man wisdom, as he was letting go of one memory, he also released his new lover into the world…as in “if you love someone let it go, if he comes back to you, is yours”

What an amazing leap of faith…so much love, trust.

Coming from Chase, who had already lost everything once, is even braver.

There were some minor holes; I have to be honest, there´s one sex scene that if I try to replicate I´m sure will break my neck…and some edits here and there.

Maybe you are asking why the 5 hearts if I had some issues with the book, well…I trust this author and I know that she will only get better as she finds her own original voice in the genre, and I definitely look forward to read more from her.


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