Valentina Heart – Sebastian’s Wolves

 Valentina Heart
Reviewed by:
Dreamspinner Press
M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Sebastian. He is rough, tough, heart-broken, soft and loving. I was put off by him in the beginning of the book. He has a gentle mate, Tim, who is late for their anniversary dinner. Yes, it was for the third time, but Sebastian’s reaction, a punch to the face and then very rough sex, made me think, NO, not going to like you. He is impulsive and reactive, explosive even.  Brutal and, oh right.  Alpha.  Sebastian is an alpha wolf, and that’s exactly what he acts like.

When Tim dies in an accident, Sebastian turns wolf for nearly a year, unable to face the pain of the loss.  Sebastian is a broken wolf.  When he finally returns to a pack, it  marks his reentry into life, a bit at a time. Meeting Eshan, he of the pink Mohawk, leather boots, black nail polish and just downright fabulousness, causes an immediate spark. These two are SO rough together. Sex is often painful before it’s pleasurable. Bruises, scratches and bites are near constants. In other words, they act and react with wolf instincts, and pack instincts. They are not humans who turn into wolves once in a while.  They are wolves who are also human.  It was a very interesting take on the usual shifter tale.

The bad guy here is believably bad, not a caricature, and the end, pre-epilogue, had me shouting Sebastian’s name.  It’s an intense story, gut wrenching at times.  Great, great job, Ms. Heart. (and let’s mention, the cover is SO Sebastian).


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