Vic Winter – Roman Dream

Author: Vic Winter
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Torque Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Linus works as a research assistant at the local college library and loves his job learning new things.  Linus also has an extraordinary imagination which right now is providing hot dreams of Linus being a sex slave to a Roman named Marcus.  He’s not getting much sleep but he is waking up with cum soaked sheets.  Professor Mark Tiber walks into Linus’ life looking exactly like Marcus and quickly finds a place in Linus’ heart.  This was a fun short story to read.  That Linus was getting more sex in his sleep than he ever did in his life was a great premise for a story.  Both Linus and Mark were very easy to like and Dana added a few chuckles as a secondary character.  The story reads easily and quickly and is just the right length in my opinion.  There is an odd kind of insta-love between the two men in that Linus has known Marcus for months but Mark for only days.  The HEA ending was done up perfectly with the little twist.  Pick up this little gem if you’re in the mood for some sweet fluff and don’t strain your eyes staring at the cover.




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