Vincent Diamond (ed) – Horsing Around


Author: Vincent Diamond
Reviewed by: Vivian
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M Anthology
ISBN 13: 9781610406079

Rating: ★★★½☆ 



There’s something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of a man. Inside and out, the men who love horses in this collection love other men too. Ride along from the equestrian world in England to the roadside circuses of sunny Florida to the desert sands of the West. Horsing Around stories offer love, lust, and wild rides all around. So dig out your chaps, polish up your stirrups, and oil up that whip. With six stories from Torquere’s best, award-winning authors, Horsing Around is sure to make you squirm in your saddle!

Stories included:
Clear Round by Jane Davitt
A Secret in Indigo by Missouri Dalton
Ride Like a Stallion by Kiernan Kelly
For Love and Money by Sean Michael
Old Scars by Aaron Michaels
Loading Up by BA Tortuga

Review:  The anthology as a whole celebrates horses and the special relationship humans have bonded with them. Each story has a slightly different flavor and heat levels vary from sweet to spicy. For this roundup the kink closet is kept firmly shut. In nearly all, the horse plays a character role and in one he is an MC with his own point of view. It was an enjoyable collection. None of them knocked my socks off, and none of them were duds. Just a solid collections of short stories.

RIDE LIKE A STALLION by Kiernan Kelly: 2.5 Hearts

The pace of Gander’s POV reflects his name. Odd start. Then off to T-Bone’s storytelling and back again to Gander as we find out about the trials and tribulations of both over the years. It was unique and entertaining, but it didn’t particularly keep me glued to it. This is more a boy and his horse story than a romance. I would probably rate it more favorably with my expectations adjusted.




LOADING UP by B.A. Tortuga: 3.5 Hearts

Hot hook up while loading up. Kaycee manages to score when a horse gets away from his greenhorn nephew. Julian ropes the escapee and garners thanks and a meal. What follows is some sultry talk and steamy loving. Nice flirting and straightforward mutual seduction is on the menu.

OLD SCARS by Aaron Michaels: 3.5 Hearts

Breaking mustangs in a prison work program brought them together, but taking a chance gave them both something more. Big heart with this story as Jerry tries to find his place after serving time.

I’m a sucker for redemption stories and I strongly believe in second chances for people who try hard. This story was sweet and left me with a smile.




CLEAR ROUND  by Jane Davitt:  3.5 Hearts

Amusing and sweet insider/outsider tale. Seth and Danny are the kind that lock horns–and it works. Watching the self-assured insider, Danny take on the self-made newcomer, Seth, to town is a hoot. Neither is the kind to back down easy, but one of them finds out soon enough that he will. And the other…he finds out that sometimes he’s wrong too. I liked the chemistry, the banter, and the eating crow.

THE SECRET IN INDIGO by Missouri Dalton: 3 Hearts

Murder mystery, running away to join the circus and finding one’s way back–it’s all here. Jam packed and covers a lot of ground in a short space. Bleu’s a mystery that just tickles star trick rider Liam’s fancy. I liked the premise of the story and the way it evolved, but I felt like we were galloping the whole time. I would have enjoyed stretching this out a bit more and being allowed to breathe.

FOR LOVE AND MONEY by Sean Michael:  3.5 Hearts

Fear and what it does to us.

Deon needs to find a way to film a commercial with a horse, but his hippophobia has him terrified. Calling on a good friend to help, he hopes can make it work. Truck’s known Deon since they were kids and as a big animal vet he has a couple helpers. This was a sweet best friends and lovers story that made me smile. I also enjoyed the subtle treatment of the interracial aspect to this story. A big helping of sexy as Truck utilizes a hands-on approach with Deon.


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