Vona Logan – Rock Hard


Author: Vona Logan
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:

Rating: ★★★½☆ 



Summary:  Caught between a rock and a hard place two men stare death in the eyes and all bets are off.

Aidan Walker never envisioned death would come for him so soon, but holding on for dear life he knew his time is up. Matt Raine lives for the adrenaline rush his professional rock climbing career brings him, but saving another climbers life was not on his daily to-do list. During agonizing minutes of terror, Matt rouses something in Aiden he would’ve never thought possible. After their ordeal Aidan finds he can’t get Matt out of his mind and Matt seems to have the same problem as he surprises Aidan with a naughty visit. Can Aidan accept Matt in his life or is the price too high?

Review: Aiden is an experienced climber but a careless accident now has him looking his own death in the face.  What can he do?  Just as he is about to give it up, an angel in the form of Matt Raine shows up to save him.  As Matt holds him to the side of the rock and flirts away, I first thought, “really, you’d FLIRT now?”  And then the question was answered later that yes, he would flirt now – a necessity to try to keep Aiden from passing out and possibly killing them both.

Aiden is a successful gym owner and Matt is a professional speed climber.  When Matt came out as gay his sponsors dropped him.  He doesn’t give up on his sport and doesn’t give up on Aiden.   I did question one scene where Matt comes to see Aiden at work.   Perhaps that was a bit quick for where Aiden was, but maybe not.  


Aiden’s best friend, Damian, is an outstanding character.  He is the kind of best friend everyone should have.  Supportive, funny and there for Aiden as he tries to navigate his way from who he thought he was to who he might really be.   


The story is not angsty despite the near-death beginning and both characters are likeable.  There is a side story of Aiden’s sister, Taryn, that was a bit too “happy ever after” but we’ll give Aiden that!




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