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What’s your favorite genre?   I have a deep and lasting love for all things fantasy and scifi, though I have been known to read contemporary and historical novels if they have something interesting about them.  I’m also pretty into M-Preg, you’ll see a few of those on my favorites list.  While it’s obvious that I enjoy M/M romance and I enjoy reading other LGBTQ+ books, I also enjoy children’s and young adult books.  Never limit yourself to one thing!

What are your “unreadables”  (stuff you will not touch)?Well, the big ones throw me off the most:  rape, torture, and uncalled for cruelty.  When these sneak up on me in a book I HATE it.  I’m also not a fan of unnecessary character deaths, especially characters who were main characters in previous books.  Rude.  Otherwise, it’d be a hard sell to get me to read hardcore BDSM and I’m not usually going to go for high angst books.

Are you a size queen? I will never turn away a book for it’s length and all are welcome in my house!  That said, I’m not gunna lie, I have a weakness for big books.  <3 

Three words to describe you.  Honest, Weird, Ace


What’s your favorite genre?  MM romance contemporary, BDSM, or historical

What are your “unreadables”  (stuff you will not touch)? Won’t read if cheating or if no HFN, HEA

Are you a size queen?  Oh honey, bring it on.  Any size is good for me.

Three words to describe you.  Mature, funny and smart




Pride Bunnies in the Canadian hoodIntroducingDiane

What’s your favorite genre?  Only one?!?!?  Okay, I’m reading mostly MM these days– all types, contemporary, YA, paranormal, suspense, shifters, erotica (sorry, still can’t understand the difference between MM and Gay….)

What are your “unreadables”  (stuff you will not touch)? BDSM is not my favorite, incest stories, rape/violence that is not necessary for the story and no infidelity stories. 

Are you a size queen?  Long or short stories?  Well…oh, for stories, no, I like short stories, blog stories, novellas and full length books.

Three words to describe you. This was tougher than I thought but I’ll go with sarcastic, introspective and loyal (toss up between quirky and loyal, quirky can fall under sarcastic!)


Introducing: Kevin

What is your favorite book genre? M/M Paranormal

What are your “unreadables”  (stuff you will not touch)?  I absolutely will not read anything with rape, Heavy BSM, Torture and anything that has a Sad Ending.

Are you a size queen? Definitely 

Long or short stories? I like them both, but more long.

Me in Three:  Hopeless Romantic, Sense of Humor, Visual



Introducing: Lucy 

What is your favorite book genre? M/M paranormal or sweet contemporary 

What are your “unreadables”  (stuff you will not touch)? I just can’t read anything with cheaters (infidelity), rape, or hardcore BDSM. There absolutely must be an HEA, every time.  I am a marshmallow that way and I can’t handle it. 

Are you a size queen? Book-wise, I am a reverse size queen.  I go for smaller. 

Long or short stories?  Short to medium.  Over 300 pages and I start to get twitchy. 

Me in Three:   Strong, wicked, loving 


IMG_4180Introducing:  Natalie

What is your favorite book genre? MM contemporary, mysteries and suspense

What are your “unreadables”  (stuff you will not touch)? Horror, MF/MMF, MPreg, Puppy/Pony play or extreme BDSM are no-ways. Also most Anthologies, PRN, shifter, vampire and Sci-fi, although I make occasional exceptions

Are you a size queen?  Long or short stories?  Bigger is ususally better but let’s not get crazy! A longer story is my preference, since I like to really sink into a story and get involved with character and plot.  

Me in Three:  Irreverent, Introverted, Empathetic


Rockabilly girl

Introducing: Sandra

What is your favorite book genre? M/M (and within that, pretty much anything!  Love contemporary, sci-fi, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, some historical and BDSM) 

What are your “unreadables”  (stuff you will not touch)? – menage (I did love Hot Floor by Josephine Myles but any other menage I’ve tried just isn’t for me)

Are you a size queen?  Long or short stories? EITHER!



20160924_115913 (2)

Introducing:  Toni 

What is your favorite book genre?  M/M Romance

What are your “unreadables”  (stuff you will not touch)?   Transgender, NonCon, Lesbian Menage, Asexual

Are you a size queen?  Long or short stories?  Long

Me in Three:  Technogirl, Kittymama, Adventurer



Cute PuppyIntroducing: Wendy “wluvsbooks”

What is your favorite book genre? Romance in any way, shape or form.  I’ve become obsessed with the M/M variety, but give me good characters with an interesting premise and I can be just as happy with M/M/F, M/F/M or the traditional M/F.  Within the romance category, I love contemporary and paranormal the most.  Throw in some BDSM and I may be inclined to want to hug you (I live my life vicariously through my books).   Outside of romances, I love a good mystery novel.  

What are your “unreadables”  (stuff you will not touch)?  I’m easy (when it comes to books that is – don’t get any naughty ideas about me … or at least share if you do).  I’m willing to give just about anything a try.  From sweet and sugary, to dark and edgy, or pure erotica, I don’t really have any hard limits.  Historicals tend to fall to the bottom of my likeable pile and I’m not necessarily big on related sub-genres such as steampunk, but I’ve found exceptions even among those.  A good story is a good story!  

Are you a size queen?  Long or short stories? Either.  Amazing books come in all shapes and sizes!

Me in Three:   I have a hard time describing myself, so I asked my hubby.  He said:  Intelligent, loving and dedicated (he’s so sweet).  


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