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Let’s talk books!  All you have to do to be entered in the giveaway for a $10 Dreamspinner credit is let us know – what’s your favorite book and why?  Is it one that you re-read over and over?  Is it one you’ve read once and treasure the memory?  Could it be the first one you read in a specific genre and it just hit you exactly right?  Could even be a childhood favorite that brings back warm, fuzzy memories.   Just leave us a comment and tell us all about it!

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  1. My favorite book is Widdersins by Jordan L Hawk. I have reread it several times and also listened to the audiobook. I love the entire series. Jordan’s writing is wonderful and Whyborne just does it for me. All the other characters are fantastic. There is magic and adventure and romance. Over the series the characters and story arch continue to develop.

  2. I’ve tried but I can’t name just 1 book, no matter how hard I try. I love The Heart of Texas by R.J. Scott because it’s the first MM book I read and it was wonderful. I love Chase in Shadow by Amy Lane because it’s the most thought provoking book I’ve ever read. I read it years ago and still think of it almost every day. It covered guilt and depression so very realistically and didn’t end with a shiny happy HEA. It was a good ending but you knew there would be life long work to keep it happy and that this couple was committed to the work involved. There are a lot of other books I love but those are the ones that still resonate. Since I’ve read them, I’ve bought every book by these authors.

  3. My favourite book is Muscling Through by JL Merrow. It is the one I come back to when I feel depressed or do not know what to read next. It’s become my favourite Comfort read!

  4. It is so hard to pick just one. I guess I will have to say Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K Hamilton. Love the character Anita Blake. Reread this series often.

  5. So, so many-but stand out has to be Scrap Metal by Harper Fox. Fabulous characters, gorgeous scenery-Scottish Islands in the summer and winter, beautiful and broken men who heal each other…love it-have re-read and listened to the audio book.

  6. Picking one is hard. I would say He Completes Me by Cardeno C. I reread many of Cardeno C’s books, especially the Home series.

  7. Shirley Ann Speakman

    I’d have to pick “Bear, Otter and the Kid” by T J Klune I’ve read it many times and have been re-reading the series because the last book series comes out this week.

  8. Back in the distant past when I read MF my go to re read comfort book was The Bride by Julie Garwood my copy became so tattered I had to replace it. In the MM genre my TBR list is so long I don’t get chance to re read much, but I do love NR Walkers The Weight of it All.

  9. Picking just one is not possible. Some of my favorites are: The Red Dirt Heart serie by Nr Walker, The Shearing Gun by Renae Kaye and Frog by Mary Calmes

  10. I would have to pick The Matter of Time series and the Marshal series by Mary Calmes!

  11. It’s hard, if not impossible, to choose a single book that I’d consider to be my favorite. That said, the one closest to being #1 on my list would have to be Touch Me Gently By J.R. Loveless. I love a good story where the characters grow not only as a couple but as individuals as well while helping each other overcome the pain of their pasts and the obstacles that stand in the way of them having a happily ever after. It makes me cry not only when the characters are in pain, but also when they over come that pain and are happy in the end. It’s one book that I’d love to see have a sequel of some sort but doesn’t, yet.

  12. So many good ones, I’ll have to pick a series I re-read a lot. Home series by cardeno c. Love those guys!

  13. For Real by Alexis Hall, it’s beautiful and takes me on an emotional journey but also has some sizzling scenes

  14. My favorite book will always be “The Lord of the Rings”, which I read just a few years after it was published in the US for the first time. It started a lifelong study of nom-greco-roman mythologies, including Lovecraft’s. This led to much delight when I picked up Jordan L. Hawk’s Widdershins, and I’m a huge fan of the series.

  15. My absolute favorite is a relatively unknown novel called The Epic Love Story of Doug and Stephen by Valerie Lewis. It’s funny and he artful and every time I reread it, I discover something new. I looked for other novels by the author but discovered that she passed away. That made me very sad because her novel was so wonderful and I would have loved to see her other works.

  16. My favorite book is Covenants by Lorna Freeman, I’ve had to replace it once already because I read the first copy so many times it just fell apart. To me it is just a fantastic example of great fantasy.

  17. My favorite book is The Lightning-struck Heart by T.J. Klune. It has a little bit of everything-adventure, humor, drama, and a love story.

  18. I have loved many books over the years. But the book I am sure i read the most times is Parent Trap – the original. I saw the movie on TV and i got the book. I read it until I had it completely memorized. And I’m pretty sure I drove my mum nuts. Now my niece loves both Parent Traps and I guess I need to get her the book too.

  19. I dont have just one favorite book. Thats like asking me which breath of air is my favorite. But I do re-read **beneath the stain by amy lane** often. I like angsty books and so there are others too but i will stop at the one being requested though it hurts all the way under my skin to do so.

  20. Fave. is The Front Runner by Patricia Nell Warren. But then I have genre faves like Mahu by Neil Plakcy [mystery], Blood Prophet by Michael Sheifelbein [vampire], Rainbow boys by Alex Sanchez [teen], While England Sleeps by David Leavitt [lit.], Loaded by Christos Tsiolkas [Aussie], Everlasting Secret Family by Frank Moorhouse [short], Lessons… by Charlie Cochrane [historical], Sanctuary… RJ Scott [action/military], Fishy Riot by Lindsey Black [humour]
    and now have offended some hugely fabulous writers & friends who I dearly cherish their writing. I should never try to do these fave. posts

  21. My favorite book is Little Women.

  22. I have so many books that I re-read that I love. So hard to choose.I’ll pick Between Sinners and Saints by Marie Sexton, it was one of the first MM books I read, also I love how the book deals with religion and family.It doesn’t bash the religion or the family but presents both in a way that you could see all sides. Makes you think and sympathize with all the characters

  23. I love always by kindle alexander…it was the first m/m book I read and it will always be the best love story for me

  24. So many fall into this category but if I only get one it is TJ Klune’s How To Be A Normal Person. I have it in audio, e-book, and paperback!

  25. Don’t think I can really do this, but the first author who came to mind was Rhys Ford, and Sinner’s Gin popped up. So I guess that’s it. But there are so many others….

  26. It’s too hard to pick a favorite, although my favorite series is the Temptation series by Ella Frank!

  27. I read a lot of books over and over but I think A Matter of Time series by Mary Calmes is the one I re-read the most. I love the chemistry between the characters, the oblivious magnetic personality of Jory.

  28. One of my first mm books (I cannot remember if it was THE first or the second book I read in this genre) was The Christmas Throwaway by RJ Scott. I fell in love with that story and the characters and since then I always re-read it in Christmas season. It has a special place in my memories. I’m also a huge fan of the author.

  29. I have so many favorites, but the one I come back to time and time again is Tell Me It’s Real by TJ Klune. The MCs are not rich nor perfect. In fact one is slightly overweight and the other isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. But that just endears them even more to me. And the writing is top-notch and just so funny.

  30. I have soooo many favorites. I can’t pick just one. I will say, I did just get done rereading “According to Hoyle” by Abigail Roux, again. One of my favorites, to be certain.

  31. OMG, it is so hard to pick just one book!:)I think ‘A Matter of Time’ by Mary Calmes. I have reread it several times and loved it. Thanks Dreamspinner Press for donating a gift card!

  32. I do find it very difficult to narrow down!!
    One that is a favourite and a regular reread is Pride and Prejudice.
    In the MM genre, the two that stand out when scrolling through are actually free reads : Into Deep Waters by Kaje Harper and The Sentinel by Eden Winters.
    My favourite series are A Charm of Magpies, KJ Charles; Tyack & Frayne, Harper Fox; Plumbers Mate, JL Merrow; Whyborne and Griffin, Jordan L Hawk.

  33. My absolute favorite is Incubus Dreams by Laurell K Hamilton. It has become a comfort read for me. I have probably read it 10 times. Every once in a while I have to revisit the characters I love so much.

  34. I’m going to pick the one MM eBook I’ve read so many times (even before it was published!) that I can quote it in my sleep: The Harvest: Taken (& Journey’s End) by M.A. Church. Loved it so much I reached out to her as a reader back when it was still free, and now I have a great friend too!

  35. Tough call for sure. Since I have a book quote tattoo, I will say Under A Sky of Ash by Brandon Witt. All his writing is amazing and fantastic. Beautiful.

    Thanks for chance.

  36. I love The Last Thing he Needs by JH Knight. I loved it when i first read it and it is one of my favorite re-reads.

  37. Anne-Marie Mogensen

    It’s a hard choice but tge #PresLocke series is my go-to happy place and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reread them

  38. I love so many, but one of my favorites is Riley Hart’s Crossroads. It was one of the first MM romance books that I had read and I keep coming back to it. Two guys who have always thought of themselves as straight slowly fall in love and figure out how to be together. Both sweet and hot!

  39. my first and favorite MM book is
    Timing by Mary Calmes. love it and the audiobook too.
    feeling down or just need a laugh? this book or
    change of heart works too. mary calmes kicks ass.

  40. Too many to pick a gave 😁 my first romance book, Shanna, though always hold a special place for starting my love of the genre

  41. This is really hard. Steamroller by Mary Calmed is my most re read book in my library. That first kiss….so much of all the feels.

  42. I love the Cole McGinnis Series by Rhys Ford and A Matter of a Time Series by Mary Calmes. I love how their humor and love is shown throughout each series. Also my first Urban Fantasy I ever read was Dim Sum Asylum by Rhys Ford which I found i really liked it.

  43. Frog by Mary Calmes. Love, love that book. Read and listened to it at least a dozen times.

  44. Chrystal Hendrix

    My favorite is Bear, Otter and The Kid series, by Tj Klune. I love the entire series and have read them over and over again! Tj is an amazing author.

  45. Dream a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phiilips. Makes me cry every time.

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