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Blurb: Cornish pastry chef Seb Wright dreads the summer tourist season. The cash injection to his artisan fudge pantry is more than welcome, the extra work, less so. Then one summer, a shadowy Good Samaritan catches his eye. Irish Traveller Dex is bewitching, a beautiful sullen enigma who turns Seb’s world upside down until he disappears in the night, vanishing like a mystical summer rain.

Twelve months later Dex is in the midst of a dark storm. A slave to his master, ‘Uncle’ Braden, he spends his days cleaning caravans and his nights working in Braden’s other businesses. His short summer with Seb seems a lifetime ago. Lost in the savage violence of the murky underworld, he doesn’t dare dream he’ll ever find his way back, until one night, a brutal crime opens the door for a chance escape. A new life beckons, old faces emerge, and immersed in the heady vibe of London’s East End, new love begins to heal his fractured heart. 

Categories: Contemporary, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Romance


SEB TOOK a drink of his beer and set it down again with undue care. “You can’t read, can you?”


“I don’t believe you.”

Dex slid off his stool and shoved his hands into his pockets. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected when Seb had ambushed him, but it wasn’t this. So what if he couldn’t bloody read? It wasn’t like he’d ever been to school to learn.

Seb caught his arm. “Don’t go, Dex. I’m sorry, okay? I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

Seb’s hand engulfed Dex’s wrist, his touch as charged and heated as it had ever been. Dex felt his resolve melting, ebbing away until it was all he could do to fall back onto the bar stool. “I can read some,” he said mutinously. “I can read numbers, and names. Knew the name of your shop, didn’t I?”

“Can you write?”

“Never tried.” Dex looked down. Lying to Seb felt all wrong. He’d heard the name of Seb’s shop on the street, and the only name he could read was his own.

Seb was silent for a moment, then without warning, Dex felt his fingers brush through his shower-damp hair. “It really is brown. I thought it was just wet.”

Dex fought for the strength to shy away from the soft gesture, but nothing happened. “The bleach grew out.”

“It was dyed?”

“Couldn’t you tell?” Dex had forgotten his brief stint as a blond was all Seb had ever known of him.

“No, not at all. You look totally different now. Not sure I would’ve recognized you without the scowl. You just about shocked the shit of me. I… I thought I’d never see you again.”
Pages: 204


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Garrett Leigh Author Bio:

Garrett Leigh is a British writer and book designer, currently working for Dreamspinner Press, Loose Id, Riptide Publishing, and Black Jazz Press. Her protagonists will always be tortured, crippled, broken, and deeply flawed. Throw in a tale of enduring true love, some stubbly facial hair, and a bunch of tattoos, and you’ve got yourself a Garrett special.

When not writing, Garrett can generally be found procrastinating on Twitter, cooking up a storm, or sitting on her behind doing as little as possible. That, and dreaming up new ways to torture her characters. Garrett believes in happy endings; she just likes to make her boys work for it.

Garrett also works as a freelance cover artist for various publishing houses and independent authors under the pseudonym G.D. Leigh. For cover art info, please visit


Author Contact:

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Cover Artist: G.D. Leigh (




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Review: Michelle Micheal Rakes – Saving Kane


kaneAuthor: Michelle Micheal Rakes
Reviewer: Stephen
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre:M/M Fireman
ISBN: 9781623002794

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

A twenty-something paramedic suffering from PTSD and a failing relationship with his high school sweetheart becomes embroiled in the tragic life of a young, gay man brutally beaten, raped, and left for dead.

Kane Abel can’t help falling for his caregiver, the handsome paramedic who saves his life, but he’s resistant. The one time Kane threw caution to the wind, he was left with a wired jaw and a tracheostomy. He can’t take much more hurt. But with his attacker’s promise to return, Kane lives in a constant state of fear, and with the ever-present paramedic, arousal.

Garrett Young struggles with the question of his sexuality, unable to get Kane out of his mind even as he fights against the demise of his long-time engagement with his girlfriend Amanda. Every day is complicated by his ongoing battle with PTSD and alcoholism, compounded by his fear for Kane’s life.
Garrett Young is working as a paramedic after his being injured in a fire made him no longer capable of being an active fireman. He’s still suffering from PTSD which he’s been treating with alcohol to limited success.

But when he’s called to save the life of of Kane Abel a young man who’s been raped and savagely beaten, Garrett finds himself gravitating toward the young man. And in ways that he’s never been drawn to his fiancee.

This is the story of these two men, coming together, coming to terms with their situation, and Garrett’s coming out. Primarily its a tale of what got them here and where they go from there.

This tale has been roundly criticized by a few reviewers as being unbelievable in its plot developments and I initially expected to be in that camp, and set my expectations accordingly. However, I didn’t have the trouble buying it that some others did. I’m guessing that that had a lot to do with my seeing both MC’s as still being in the initial stages of dealing with their traumas. I felt that their actions were believable in the way that soldiers on a battlefield might do something that even they wouldn’t believe themselves capable of after they’ve had time to think. Taken in that light, there were several really sweet moments and a few enjoyable surprises.

Overall, this book will not be to all tastes. But both main characters were charming enough for me to care what happened to them and I bought their relationship on most levels. This book is much more action movie than romantic classic but if the set-up sounds intriguing to you and you can suspend disbelief a bit, then by all means check it out.

Review: Zoe X. Rider – The Roommate Situation


roomateAuthor: Zoe X. Rider
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN: 9781623004927

Rating: ★★★★★ 

College freshman Shane Hahn finds himself unexpectedly shuffled to a new dorm room–which is fine by him, but his over-involved mother takes one look at toothpick-chewing, motorcycle-riding Derek McClain, his new roommate, and gets on the phone with the school. The school requires that Shane be the one to file the room-change paperwork, but Shane’s reluctant.

He’s attracted to Derek’s independence, even though that independence means Derek has to pay his own way through college, which he does by making leather products (you know: belts, wallets…bondage gear) and selling it online. Shane isn’t even allowed to work while he’s in school, much less join a band, which is what he really wants to do with his life. Unfortunately, his parents are holding his guitar hostage until he can prove he’s taking his future seriously.

When he decides he needs a way to come up with cash–the kind his parents won’t find out about–so he can buy a guitar his parents can’t take away from him, he turns to Derek with what sounds like a win-win solution: he’ll model bondage gear for Derek’s online store photos, Derek will get more sales, and Shane will get a cut. The one thing he doesn’t factor into his plan is the giddy stomach-flip feeling Derek McClain causes whenever he walks in the room–and what that might mean for them when Derek starts locking leather cuffs on his wrists.
Swoon. Mother.Fucking.Swoon. I wish I could go back in time, and not have read this… so that I could read it again for the first time. I don’t even really know what to say.

I liked Shane’s voice, I enjoyed watching him slowly start to notice his roommate, and I loved watching them develop a friendship. I loved Shane’s discomfort with how much he enjoyed wearing the bondage gear, and was giddy with joy when they seamlessly and angstlessly flowed from a kiss to lovers to partners. I loved Derek’s confidence and lack of over-analyzing. “He shrugs, “it is what it is.” Damn right!

I hated Shane’s parents. I hated that you can love someone even when they are horrible. I got frustrated with Shane’s lack of backbone and immaturity with allowing his mom to goad him into getting upset so he then had to apologize. I got annoyed with him for not taking more initiative to get a job and become more financially independent.

I loved the sex. And the lack of sex.Although, there was a lot of sex. I loved the pace and the realistic progression of their relationship. I loved the ending. And I hated the ending. I want a pretty bow and for everything to be perfect. But he has his boy and he has his guitar, and everything is perfect.

I’m gushing. I can’t even. Read this book. Good-bye.

Review: Megan Slayer – Mixing Mike (Zero, Ohio #3)


mixing mikeAuthor: Megan Slayer
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: For these two men, this record could be the soundtrack to their lives – if they’re willing to mix things up.

Meticulous and organized, air traffic controller Mike Larson has every reason to be wary of mixing his passion for music with love. When Mike’s hunt to complete his Top 100 of the ‘80s list brings him to Vintage Vinyl, a shock of guyliner, dyed hair and flamboyant personality rocks his orderly world. Can he risk a step outside his comfort zone for a chance with Leon?

Flamboyant Leon Sanders uses attitude to keep others at a distance, because he doesn’t believe in love or a lasting relationship. When he turns up the charm at his music store Vintage Vinyl, he makes the best sales. Something about the quiet man beckons Leon to give love a chance, but does he dare mix it up with Mike?

Review: Mike is an air traffic controller, a job that basically screams CONTROL, and he mixes it up with a truly serious record collection. Mike isn’t into music; Mike lives and breathes it. On vinyl, please. He’s in search of one elusive record to complete a collection. To this end, he’s off to Vintage Vinyl. The fact that the young looking, guylinered Leon is the owner and is very easy to look at? Just bonus.

Leon isn’t Mike’s usual type and Leon has a flamboyant front that he shows people. Underneath that? Well, that guy just might be Mike’s type after all. When the two come together at the record store to try to find that missing piece to the collections, it’s sweet and a little awkward and you hope they will get together.
I think I would have given 4 hearts to this book strictly on the basis if what Mike shouts when he comes. I read it and raised by eyebrows, read it again, and had to laugh.

I enjoyed the discussions between the two of them, especially as they try to get past Leon’s history and Mike’s low self-confidence. Even as Leon fully admits that the length of time they’ve known each other isn’t enough to feel heart things, he is feeling them.

There isn’t angst in this story, just a nice guy and a scared one trying to see where it can go.

Review: Amy Lane – Racing for the Sun Audio Edition


racingAuthor: Amy Lane
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M Military
ISBN: 9781623806484

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

I’ll do anything.”

Staff Sergeant Jasper “Ace” Atchison takes one look at Private Sonny Daye and knows that every word on paper about him is pure, unadulterated bullshit. But Sonny is desperate, and although Ace isn’t going to take him up on his offer of “anything,” that doesn’t mean he isn’t tempted.

Instead, Ace takes Sonny under his wing, protecting him when they’re in the service and making plans with him when they get out. Together, they’re going to own a garage and build race cars and make their fortune hurtling faster than light across the desert. Together, they’re going to rewrite the past, make Sonny Daye a whole and happy person, and put the ghosts in Ace’s heart to rest.

But not even Sonny can build a car fast enough to escape the ghosts of the past. When Sonny’s ghosts drive them down and run their plans off the road, Ace finds out exactly what he’s made of. Maybe Sonny was the one to promise Ace anything, but there is nothing under the sun Ace won’t do to keep Sonny safe from harm.
This is hard to review. I sorta liked it… and I sorta didn’t. The audio version was fine. Ace is the narrator and he has a southern accent so that made it fairly easy to distinguish between him and Sonny, who are the two people who talk the most. Pacing, inflection, etc, all good.

The basic story was good, I guess it just seemed overly dramatic at times. I know Sonny was traumatized, but the extremes to his behavior and some of the things that were said (“mark me” etc) just didn’t fit the setting. Also, while I appreciate the use of repetition to get a point across, as well as something people do when they’re fighting, some times it was a bit much. For example:

“Don’t come to me with no pussy on your cock!”
“I ain’t got no pussy on my cock!”
“Don’t come to me with no pussy on your cock!”
“I ain’t got no pussy on my cock!”

You get the idea. I also felt like Sonny was dragging Ace down into crazy-town, instead of the other way around. Of course Ace was good for Sonny, he was dependable and showed him people could be kind. But I wish Sonny could bring more to the relationship, besides just the fact that Ace loved him.

Lastly, a little niggle about the last chapter, it was just unrealistic. And I don’t mean the HEA or anything, I just mean the specifics of what they did after the circumstances that they were in.

Review: KC Wells and Parker Williams – Damian’s Discipline


damiansAuthor: KC Wells and Parker Williams
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: BDSM

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Collars and Cuffs: Book Five

The man who pimped Jeff may be in prison, but Jeff is still living the nightmare, selling himself to men and relying on pills to manage. Then he meets Scott, a young American man who could easily have been where Jeff is now. Scott’s friends extend a helping hand to Jeff, and he grabs it.

Leo and Thomas bring Jeff to stay with Dom Damian Barnett until they can find him someplace more long-term. Still grieving from losing his sub to cancer two years before, Damian agrees to help. But when he glimpses the extent of the damage, Damian wants to do more than offer his guestroom. Jeff is not a submissive, but Damian can see he desperately needs structure in his life. It’s up to Damian to find an answer.

He never expects that what he discovers will change both their lives.?

Review: Just as there are millions of colors in this big, bright, beautiful world, there are also millions of unique relationship dynamics including all kinds of nuances within a power exchange between couples. And that brings me to the reason why I love this series. Each book showcases a unique and interesting BDSM relationship where needs are fulfilled in vastly different ways. The title for this book gives a clue as to what kind of relationship is highlighted within – it’s a focus on domestic discipline.

For those who shy away from BDSM, don’t let the tag scare you off. Domestic discipline is really more about a way of life with one person in charge for both. It’s a structured relationship with rules and consequences, but instead of there being a Dom/sub or Sir/boy, one person acts as “Head of Household” and the other is “Taken in Hand”. This was the perfect solution for both Damian and Jeff given their respective histories and needs.

The build to a romantic element in the relationship is slow going, but completely necessary in order for both men to build up a foundation of honesty, trust, and open communication. It was painful to learn about the extent of Jeff’s past abuse and Damian’s loss. It was equally painful to watch mistakes and doubts lead to self-destructive behavior.

I loved how much interaction there is with main characters from the previous books in the series and how the timeline is intricately woven with events in the prior book. And let me tell you, the ending will melt your heart and bring out your goofiest big grin! So there you have it. Another wonderful addition to the “Collars and Cuffs” series, and hopefully more to come!!

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Review: Sui Lynn – Blood Ties


blood tiesAuthor: Sui Lynn
Reviewer: Missy B
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M Paranormal

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

When Lance is kidnapped from his adopted grandfather’s home, Andrew believes there is a traitor among Lord Basil’s drones, despite the fact that the born vampire supports Lance and Andrew’s crusade to free shifters from vampire subjugation.

Lance awakens to finds Andrew’s baby sister, Angela, and a young boy shackled to a wall next to him, and a corpse nearby. Brad, a former drone of Basil’s, tortures them in an effort to drive Lance insane and prove that pureblood shifters are unstable and need to be destroyed before he gets them all killed.

Stephon comes home after a trip to an orgy disguised as an unbirthday party. His mate, Quinn, shows up uninvited and is angry at the perceived infidelity. It isn’t easy to rekindle a relationship after a 270-year separation. As old arguments and insecurities resurface, Quinn decides the only way to keep Stephon safe might be to force the stubborn older vampire into hibernation, until he can defeat his father, Lord Rufus
For most of the book I’d give get 2 stars but once the kidnapping happened I’d give it 3 stars. I didn’t much like Lance, he seemed whiny and wimpy but I don’t know if that is the way the character has always been or just this book. I think this book is supposed to be about Lance and Andrew but at times seems to also be about Stephon. I like the world that was created; it was just hard to get a handle on who is who and who is what but perhaps if I had read books one and two that might not be the case.

I had trouble with the flipping around in time or characters, moving from a chapter of Andrews past than his present followed by Stephon’s past then the present etc. The chapters where labeled well so you knew what you were reading, but it interrupted the flow for me. For example, when Lance is attacked at the end of the chapter you turn the page and it’s Stephon’s past instead. That ruined the course of the attack and what was built up, the anticipation to see what happens next. I also had an issue with how quickly every one accepted who the bad guy was. Lance and Andrew mentioned who they suspected and suddenly everybody went with it.
The book was kind of unexciting up until the attack. It flowed well just nothing really was happening for a while. Then things got interesting and exciting. I liked the addition of Henry and it peaks your interest of what might be coming next, including Stephon and his issues, although these were dropped, but it gave you something hopefully to look forward to in the next book.
I liked having a glossary of who is who and who’s related to who but it would have been nicer in the front of the book to run through and learn some the characters or refresh who the characters were before starting the book rather than it being at the end. The story flows well and is easy to read (no editing issues), the characters are good, I just don’t like Andrew & Lance, mostly Lance.
It is a book that would probably make more sense after reading the two previous books, to really understand the dynamics between the characters. I would check out the next book out of curiosity the see where things go next and if things are resolved with getting the bad guy and what is going on with Stephon.

Tour with Giveaway: The Scent of Jasmine by Lila Bruce


TheScentofJasmine - LilaBruce


Four years ago Jessica Taylor thought she was ready to leave small town living behind and headed West. Now she’s back in Cedar Creek, a little older, a lot wiser, and ready to live the quiet life for a while.

It’s been eight months since her fiancée walked out and shattered Grace Donnelly’s dreams of a happily ever after. Her friends tell her it’s time to start living again, but the breakup with Emma was still just too raw for Grace to wash her hands and move on.

After a chance meeting at her brother’s bakery, Jessica finds herself unable to get Grace off of mind. She’s sure she feels an attraction from Grace as well, but will Jessica be able to convince Grace to stop living in the past and take a chance on a future together with her…


Jessica Taylor stood there grinning, a slight dusting of flour decorating the bridge of her nose. She held a rack of cinnamon rolls at chest level, drawing Grace’s gaze to the slender woman’s chest, the white t-shirt and bright green apron seeming to accentuate the fullness of her breasts. She had long, dark hair that was tied back into a pony tail. And her eyes…her eyes seemed to dance as they stared at Grace from other the display case.

Holy hell, she is fucking gorgeous.

Grace opened her mouth to respond but looking at the other woman’s emerald eyes, could suddenly think of nothing but purple dildos. Mortified, she just stood there, saying nothing.

Keeping her gaze on Grace, Jessica slid the rack of cinnamon rolls into the case.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

Grace flushed briefly and the shook her head. “Oh no, that’s ok, you just startled me, that’s all. I didn’t hear you come out from the back.”

“So how would you like it?” the woman drawled. Gone was the nerdy teenager with wire-rimmed glasses. This woman looked more like she had just stepped off the runway rather than out of a kitchen.

Grace shook her head and blinked at her. “Um, I…um, excuse me?”

“Your cinnamon roll. Would you like it in a box or bag?”

“Oh. A box please,” she said quickly. “And I need sex…I mean six! I need six cinnamon rolls,” Grace added, reddening as she spoke.

Oh my word, I have got to get out of here, she thought to herself.

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Lila Bruce Author Bio:

Lila Bruce lives in the North Georgia Mountains, where the air is sweet and the summers are hot. When not writing, she spends her time adding to her ever-growing pack of basset hounds and dreaming of being able one day to leave behind her evil day job.



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Review: Jay Bell – Something Like Lightning


23154286Author: Jay Bell
Reviewer: Stephen
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MM Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Summary: Never stop running. No matter how often life trips you up, or how many times your enemies knock you down, just get up and keep on moving until you find where you belong.

Kelly Phillips has been out of the closet since he was a young teenager, and thanks to the gay youth group he frequents, he has never been short on friends or lovers. But when you have almost everything, it’s hard not to focus on what’s just out of reach: A best friend, who would be Mr. Right if he wasn’t already Mr. Straight. Or that handsome guy at school, who would be easier to wrangle if not for his angel wings. And then there’s the one who might be a perfect fit, maybe even a soulmate… if only he wasn’t convinced he didn’t need anyone at all. Kelly has always been good at running. Now he must learn to chase, which will not only test his endurance, but the durability of his heart as well.

Something Like Lighting is a new beginning in the Something Like… saga, shifting the focus to a fresh set of characters while also revisiting a familiar face or two

Review: Kelly Phillips is a fleet young man to whom running comes as naturally as breathing. While he’s generally aggressively competitive and dreams of someday competing in the Olympics, at the beginning of this tale he’s more interested in helping his best friend Jared win a coveted trophy in a triathlon. Kelly’s also struggling with coming out to his best friend and hoping that even if his feelings aren’t reciprocated, at least that they can stay friends. The main stumbling block for Jared’s winning might be William Townson, a guy that Kelly remembers as being a skinny bean-pole of a kid but who puberty has treated very well. Combative Kelly and “gentle giant” William’s confrontation and the subsequent developments will change both of their lives forever.

This book is billed as the first in Jay Bell’s new series but is really just a continuation of the older “seasons” series with many of the characters making appearances though the torch has definitely been passed to the younger generation. Personally I think that that is just fine. Bell’s books span a lot more time than is common in most MM fiction but they really do have a perspective and a “wisdom gained of years” quality that’s hard to portray in any other way. For me the perspective gained over time adds a level of depth and enjoyment to the stories and any new additions to the original series also add to that enjoyment.

When I started this one I’d NOT read Something Like Spring and I noted a few references that suggested that I’d enjoy the story more if I went back and filled in the gaps. So I did and I gotta say that I really liked both books. Actually reading Something Like Lightning before reading Something Like Spring made it easier to empathize with Kelly. In many ways the last book of the first series is really the first book of this series but then, like the seasons, one naturally follows the other and it doesn’t really matter than much where you start.

All Jay’s books use covers created by his husband Andreas and it was fun that this one included a spoiler of sorts but it was hidden in a mischievous way. Knowing that Jay is a transplanted Texan who now lives in Germany, it was fun to see his Texas based characters also making the trip and seeing a bit of Germany in this book.

Release Day Blitz and review – Invisible by Taylin Clavelli


Invisible cover



What do you do when you become invisible to the love of your life?

Buy the short story:


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read the review

About the author:

Taylin Clavelli lives in the United Kingdom, about 15 miles south of Birmingham, and a short journey from the world famous Cadbury’s Chocolate factory. She’s married with children and loves her family with all her heart.

Her love of books has been a long standing affair, with Taylin liking nothing better than to lose herself in an imaginary world.

Until she met Lily Velden, she never considered trying her hand at writing. However, after talking ideas, Lily encouraged her to put pen to paper—or rather, fingers to keyboard. Since, with a few virtual kicks in the right place, she hasn’t stopped. Her confidence eventually led to her writing an original work for submission.

Her first published work was Boys, Toys, and Carpet Fitters, developed for the Dreamspinner Press Anthology – Don’t Try This At Home.

Now she absolutely adores immersing herself into the characters she creates, and transferring the pictures in her brain to paper, finding it liberating, therapeutic, and wonderful.

Outside of writing, her interests include; martial arts (she’s a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-do), horse-riding, all of which facilitates her love of a wide variety of movies. Her action heroes include Jet Li and Tony Jaa—finding the dedication these men have for their art combined with their skill both amazing and a privilege to watch. If pressed, she’ll admit to thinking that the screen entrance of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean – Curse of the Black Pearl, and Shadowfax in LOTR, to be the greatest screen entrances ever. Her all-time favorite movies are Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

The simple things in life that make her day, putting a smile on her face are:

Laughter – especially that of her children.

The smell of lasagna cooking – it makes her mouth salivate.

The dawn chorus – no symphony ever written can beat the waking greetings of the birds.

Social links:





More from Taylin Clavelli

Picture1Dakota Skies

Born in the wrong time…

In 1875 Dakota, Sheriff Jamie Carter has to hide his interest in men, even from his gutsy twin sister, Anna. On a good day, the truth can mean a bullet between the eyes, and on a bad, one in the back.

A man on a mission…

Jamie leaves Anna in charge of Blackrock and he hits the bounty hunting trail, along with his faithful equine companion, Houston. Five territories, scores of ‘Wanted’ posters, and many bullets later, his path unexpectedly converges with that of enigmatic loner, Kit Brooks.

Two men with one soul…

Will the smoldering fire between them rage into an inferno and break down protective barriers, allowing them to find love? Or will it separate and kill them?

Beneath Dakota skies…

Jamie and Kit’s story is a sweeping saga of cowboys, Indians, persistent broads, and vengeful villains, where the cowboys aren’t always the good guys, and love can’t be taken for granted.

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